I can tell from the few commenters and the subjects at hand that we are pretty much all suffering from political burnout. Royal

, fucking, dig all the way to China burnout.

It would be nice if some of The Management TM, would check in once in a while, nonetheless, left to my own devices, can we at least all agree on the following statements (and if you don’t agree, tough):

1) High likelihood that the entire 2020 election was both electronically corrupted and as backup, flooded with fake ballots (bulk printed in China) and every other skullduggery in the D/Alinsky playbook? Just look at the lucre and effort being placed by the D party and their useful RINOs to BLOCK verification of ballots and machine tabulators. An open and free society under rule of law does not act this way.

2) That the Wuhan enhanced bat flu was probably a purposeful political tool of the CCP in cahoots with their useful idiots in USA to ensure removal of  45?  Reference the 2017 Fauci interview in which he clearly predicted events. Followed by the NIH and proxies funding said research by “The Bat Lady”? Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action and if you count the flip flops and revelations since, it is all but undeclared war.

3) Review all the actions taken by the 44 administration (and their puppets in 46) aimed at destroying the established institutions of law. They have destroyed all credibility in our intelligence agencies, the courts, the entire system of education and now the military.  Following the Alinsky book to the letter.

4) The creation of and government funding of organizations such as BLM, Antifa, leftist DA’s/Jusdges and others (teachers unions and press, anybody?) used to subvert the rule of law and intimidate the population. You will clearly discern that these events and destruction mostly take place in solid D dominated cities and states. Question why this is so and go from there.

5) Examine every action taken by the so called 46 administration to reverse every policy that heretofore produces beneficial economic results, putting in place those which in their eyes, guarantee the hold on power by a uniparty state.  Gird yourselves for the coming Weimar republic of the U.S.S.A, where inflation makes money worthless and the standard of living for all takes a nosedive.  It is on track for this whether you want to see it or not.

There is so much more, but I too am nearing burnout on all of it simply because the 90% of .gov seems to be working to destroy the Constitution and disenfranchise “We the People”. Doing a bang up job of it too. 

It is possible that some of these efforts to shine light on all of the above will happen, but whether they will actually result in the truth coming out is questionable when virtually the entire media/press/D party elites and RINO population is dead set on burying the truth. 

Oh go ahead

, scream that we who live in the real world TM are “_____________” fill in the blank with the pejorative du jour.  Fascists, misogynists, racists, anti-LGBTQBLMNFA or whatever the fuck, does not change reality for 80% of the nation outside of the DC bubble and certain major cities.

With that, take a moment tomorrow to remember those who gave their lives for this nation and more importantly


, support those who have come back suffering great bodily and mental harm. We owe every one of them for the 240 plus years of freedom. Remember too that every citizen over age 18 is by definition, a defender of freedom, should events ever so require.

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By Terrapod

Born in small country in S. America, U.S. citizen since '85, EE, Marketing, Sales, Shade Tree Mechanic, collector of things interesting including good friends from all walks, especially those that partake single malts.

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