There’s really not much His Imperiousness can add to what has already been said about the Russo-Ukrainian… issue, and much better also, particularly by the indispensable Diplomad and, besides, the issue is… complicated.

Also, His Imperial Highness has a certain affinity for Russian and Ukrainian culture and we have two very dear sestrichki, one from each of the two. Let’s just say that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

From our point of view, the U.S. one, however, it’s much simpler: We have two choices. We can pretty much let it sort itself or we can go to war. Feel like going to war over Sevastopol? Have at it, but count us out. Well no, our country right or wrong, so we know where we stand should it come to that, just keep in mind what you’re asking for. It also won’t help the Ukrainians much, because Putin a) doesn’t believe for a second that Pee Wee Obam-bam is going to back up any weak-arse bluster with actual action and b) even if he did, he’s not about to lose face to that inept, fumbling, befuddled, effeminate clownshoe at 1600 Penn Ave, so if we allow Jugears and his Democrat Socialist Party to navigate us into a corner where it’s either put up or shut up, it’s off to war. Heaven help us and the Ukrainians if that happens.

Sanctions? Don’t make us laugh. Anybody who thinks for a second that Vladimir Vladimirovich hasn’t run through those numbers already and found that he doesn’t give a shit needs a cold, hard slap in the face with a limp trout. Not that there’s much we can sanction about. You think the Europeans are going to sit in the cold, freezing their balls off with no natural gas to warm them just because Obam-bam wants to pretend to manhood? Think again. We suppose we could threaten with shutting down all McDonalds franchises in Russia. THAT’LL learn ’em! If Ronald McDonald has enough respect for Jugears to go along with it, which we, quite frankly, doubt.

The UN? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The Security Council? Russia’s on it. With a veto. ‘Nuff said. Not that it would make a difference if they weren’t. Chances of getting that gaggle of tinpot dictatorships to agree on anything are somewhere between slim and none and slim hasn’t been heard from in decades.

The thing is: This whole situation is a self-inflicted wound, inflicted upon us, the entire West, by four U.S. presidents who were all too preoccupied with slurping Commie Chinese Cock in return for cheap-ass “Made in China” lead-based children’s toys to notice that the USSR collapsed. Right then and there, right after the universally loathed, and nowhere more so than in the Soviet Union, USSR went “poof” and created a nice vacuum waiting for somebody with a functioning brain to occupy it, we had a golden opportunity to forge a transatlantic, Eurasian alliance. It was right there for the taking. Russian and Russians had been wanting to be part of the rest of the West since Peter the Great’s days, we already shared values and culture and the communism-weary Russians couldn’t don a pair of jeans and get as far away as humanly possible fast enough. Some of them wanted to be American more than many Americans did.

But somehow Bush, Clinton, Bush again and now Obam-bam never thought they were good enough for the cool kids’ club and, besides, it might offend the ChiComs, with whom we have nothing in common. How was Russia supposed to react to that? “Oh great, you got rid of that odious Politburo and the Party, now run along kids, you’re not good enough for us.”

And then, to add insult to injury, when NATO did reach out to the East they called for a screeching halt right at Russia’s borders. For a nation used to being invaded by their neighbors whenever the mood struck them and being devastated by the costs every single time, that can’t possibly be taken as a good omen, no matter how pure our intentions were.

So they had enough, and along came Putin and offered to put them back on the map.

The Western Powers created Hitler with the Versailles Treaty. And then, having learned absolutely NOTHING from history, they created Putin with their atrocious treatment of Russia after the USSR went “pop.”

The timing of Putin getting stronger just as we elect the most inept, ineffective, bumbling, effeminate fool of a global laughingstock of a “president” ever only served to place the last nail in the coffin. And that’s where we are now. A fuckup entirely of our own doing that we, immodestly as always, have to say that we saw coming twenty years ago. Which, “funnily” enough, is almost exactly how long it took for 1918 to turn into 1939.

So is Sevastopol our generation’s Danzig?

Think very carefully before you answer.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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