The post everybody’s been waiting for, we’re sure, so here goes.

That “anti-gay” law that got veto’ed out in Arizona when the RINO party decided to run for the hills in the face of progressive socialist mau-mauing. Again. That bill. Yes, you know which one I’m talking about. The one designed to protect business owners from being sued out of business for refusing to violate their religious beliefs. Yeah, the one that was worse than the Holocaust, according to progressive socialists and the wobble-kneed “conservatives” clutching their pearls.

We were for it, we are for it, and we continue to be for it.

And those flaming hypocrites who are against it will, we’re afraid, have to keep their yaps shut when we sue a Jewish diner out of business for refusing to serve us up a delicious BLT. With extra bacon. And a side of bacon milkshake. Gotta have dairy AND meat at the same time, dontcha know? Don’t be a Nazi now, rabbi Apfelstein. Make us a damn sammich, already!

Similarly, they’ll have to keep mum when we sue a muslim photographer out of business for refusing to record our upcoming bestiality pr0n flick involving, of course, dogs. And pigs. And throw in a bunch of nude people covered in bacon screaming “fuck Mohamhead” every 10 seconds. He’d damn well BETTER take my money and get right on filming, because otherwise he’d be worse than the Nazis.

Of course we would never actually DO such a thing because, well, we’re not a flaming fucktard. We’d either eat a yummy kosher sandwich or find a progressive socialist cameraman/womyn. No, we wouldn’t. Because the progtard would insist on taking part as an extra. But we digress.

But we’re sure that the gay couple, against whom we have no ill feelings other than their typical progressive socialist urge to destroy businesses and livelihoods in any way possible, but that has nothing to do with their sexuality, just didn’t have any alternatives. As we all know, there is only one baker of wedding cakes in all of Arizona. Well, we know now. Or else all of the opponents of the bill are a bunch of puling prick fluffers. Or cuntmuffins. We’re an equal opportunity offender. With an IQ of approximately 12.

“But, but… the DISCRIMINATION!”

Yeah. What about it? Ever heard of “freedom of association?” It’s a quaint old concept that used to mean a lot to people otherwise claiming to be conservative/libertarian. But obviously not anymore. At least not where certain groups are being discriminated against. We doubt that those same “conservative/libertarians” will be flocking around our banner when we sue our local municipality for discriminating against us by refusing us permission to use the women’s showers at the public pool.

No. That’s not different. And if you had a shred of intellectual integrity you would even be able to admit it. Try it one day. It’s quite… refreshing.

“But, but… then you could discriminate against blacks as well!”

Sure. And His Imperial Majesty would be not merely attending but hosting a victory party when your miserable racist self went out of business shortly thereafter. Not due to a lawsuit, but due to a serious and sudden lack of customers. You know, the way it used to be. Be an asshole, be treated like an asshole.


Just keep in mind this moment when they come gunning for YOU when YOU offend whatever the hottest protected group at the time’s feelings.

And don’t come crying to us because fuck you, Poindexter.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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