Kiev Warsaw was on edge Saturday after Russian parliament’s upper house the German Reichstag unanimously approved President Vladimir Putin’s Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s request for a military intervention in Ukraine Poland, according to a Kremlin Reichstag statement.

The approval came within two hours of Putin Hitler appealing to parliament the Reichstag, saying the move is needed to protect ethnic Russians Germans and the personnel of a Russian German military base in Ukraine’s Poland’s strategic region of Crimea “Polish Corridor”,

There, fixed it for you.

The situation on the ground became even murkier when Russia Germany claimed that Kiev Warsaw-backed gunmen terrorists had attempted to take over the Crimean Interior Ministry a German radio station. There was no confirmation of such an action from other sources. Russia’s Germany’s foreign ministry said people had been wounded, but gave no details.

All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.

Should we intervene? Can we intervene? No and no. That train has left the station.

Interventions are not and have never been the ideal solution. The threat of intervention is. The credible threat, that is. That, and the threat of unilateral nuclear action, is what kept the world pretty quiet since 1945. It’s not that leaders like Putin and Hitler didn’t exist, it’s not that they didn’t toy around with grand schemes and plots to do things like this. They did and they did.

But they didn’t dare go through with them because of the spectre of possible U.S. massive intervention, should they do so.

The Progressive “Democrat” Socialists got rid of the credible threat of nuclear first use, to the point where nobody in the world believes for a second that we’ll ever use them, no way no how, and then their jug-eared messiah did the same for the threat of any sort of meaningful, effective military intervention.

(It should be said in fairness that the GOP’s “best and brightest” provided many an assist in the post-Reagan years with their “nation-building”, “hearts and minds” and “kinder, gentler war” doctrines. Can you imagine Bush presiding over the defeat of Japan and Germany, assuring both defeated nations that they’d absolutely not have to pass Constitutions that would hurt their feelings, issuing ROEs directing his own troops to rather commit suicide than risk stepping on an “innocent” Nazi’s toes and making it a court martial offense to make jokes about Tojo and Der Führer?)

So here we are. They called our bluff and, quite frankly, had the roles been reversed we’d have done the same.

It didn’t have to be that way, but decades of emasculation of American society, squabbling over hurt feelings, cisgendered patriarchal oppression and old white slave-owning men creating the most racist, imperialist nation in the history of mankind have done what no foreign military power could ever do.

I used to think that the reason that the U.S. hadn’t fallen for the same nonsense that Europe did was that Americans were immune to that sort of thing.

I was wrong.

It just took a bit for the cancer to spread all the way over here.


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By Emperor Misha I

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