…and that it arrived just in time to save us all from that horrid, amateur, jingoistic cowboy Boooosh and his many misadventures.

So now Putin’s guys have rolled into the Crimea (that’s the peninsula at the far south of the Ukraine, for those wondering) in an invas… sorry, an “uncontested arrival”, as King Barack Definitely-Not-Hussein Obama’s misadministration calls it. No, we’re not kidding you.

Whatever did we do before that genius Obama came along and wrapped the world around his little finger?

Another solid win in the Putin-Obama series.

For values of "win"
For values of “win”

And who doesn’t remember the brutal Syrian Smackdown?


…or the Arab Spring?

Yippe-kay-yay, racist h8ers!
Yippe-kay-yay, racist h8ers!

…the Libyan Liberation?

Nothing more liberating than... Ah fuckit.
Nothing more liberating than… Ah fuckit.

We’re in the best of hands, you racist teabaggers, THE BEST OF HANDS!

Countdown to when the Russian forces in Ukraine become “undocumented humanitarian aid columns” in 4…3…2…

Heckuva job, Barry, heckuva job!


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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