Could somebody, somewhere, somebody who can, in fact, do so, please utterly devastate, destroy and lay in ruins whatever cabal of illiterate fuckwads came up with the commenting system called “Disqus” that is currently spreading like the Black Fucking Plague across the Internets, causing browsers to lock up for minutes on end while trying to figure out how to process the inept code made by those sloped forehead monkeys or, likelier still, trying to find a slot in line for whatever 15th century servers are supposed to handle the load.

Or at least point us in the direction of a plugin that will forever banish to the darkest corners of the bin bucket website with a sign that the fuckheads running it have made a deal with Satan and let that crap in the door.

They should be required to post a warning before you even get to their page saying:

“Close this tab right NOW, for we are a bunch of fuckheads who should have been aborted PRIOR to conception by chopping off our fathers’ John Thomases. With rusty knife.”


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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