Not much to thrill you three remaining, steadfast, loyal readers with today, so er…

This is where we traditionally proceed to hammer out umpteen gazillion words anyway, but we really are drawing blanks.

Except a timely reminder of just exactly how much attention anybody should pay to anything coming out of the mouth of a celebrity, a gaggle of celebrities, or anybody not consumed by an immediate urge to strangle any celebrity monkey within seconds of his/her commencing to bloviate on anything outside of his/her area of expertise (measured in microns, for those of you interested in those things), we should like to remind you that, on this day back in 1990, the annual circle jerk known as “The Grammys” (because who ever expected that so-called creative people ought to be able to come up with creative names?) awarded Best New Artist to a revolutionary, groundbreaking, blisteringly brilliantly creative “talent.”

Milli Vanilli.

Yeah, that’s what we thought too. So now kindly sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, entertainment monkeys, unless you intend to actually entertain us.

Oh, and we also heard that the socialist clusterfuck #3,552 in history formerly known as “Venezuela” is now a complete socialist clusterfuck, just like the 3,551 socialist clusterfucks out of 3,551 attempts at socialism that went before them. Quelle surprise! “Progressives”, toilet paper manufacturers hardest hit.



Thatisall, Open Thread.

By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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