For lack of a more descriptive word for whatever it is that’s sloshing around underneath those pointed domes on top of their shoulders.

Leftists describe the horrible raycisssssm of the Tea Party. As best they can. Spoiler: They can’t, really. Anymore than they can wipe themselves without Unca ‘Bama helping them.

They all, without a second’s thought (in all fairness, they’re not capable of thought so that would be too much to ask), answer “yes, the Tea Party is raycisssss”. It gets funny when they’re asked to come up with examples.

“No, because I’m not thinking about them right now.”

She should have just stopped right after “thinking.”

Next idiot up:

“Uhhhh… I think they’re racist against blacks, Hispanics… I think they’re racist against women…”

Blacks, Hispanics… Wait… Back up a minute… They’re racist against… women? Woe be to us, oppressors of the female “race.” Clearly they don’t cover basic biology in Gender Studies. Either.

But wait, she’s not done yet:

“…uhhh… the things they say about abortions…”

Because clearly that’s racism too. We’re just not entirely clear on just exactly where race entered into it. Then again, neither is she. Or on anything else, for that matter, other than where to put her “X” come election day because her perfessor told her so.

Next idiot up:

It’s their reaction to us having a black president that makes them raycisssss…”

Because of course it is. The old tried and true “if you ever disagree with a black Democrat Socialist, you’re RAYCISSSSS.” Keep in mind it only “works” when the one you disagree with is a Democrat Socialist. Otherwise the entire Democrat Socialist party would be wearing white pointed hoods (again. Going back to their roots) after their treatment of Clarence Thomas, just to name one example.

One of the first leftist idiots finally has to give up and, as all good leftists do, then resorts to calling over a fellow leftist comrade to answer the question for her. Unfortunately, the other comrade doesn’t appear to have an answer either, because after a series of “I suppose”‘s “ummmm”‘s and “ahhhh”‘s, she discovers that she “actually can’t talk right now.” She was both walking and chewing gum already, you see.

This, along with a million other examples, is why it’s insanely idiotic for anybody to suggest that we need to have a “national conversation” with these fumbling, drooling, window-licking imbeciles on anything. We might as well debate tree bark.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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