You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from watching something that you’ve seen before, something that you’re intimately familiar with, something that holds no surprises for you? Like watching an old, old movie that you’ve watched a dozen times?

That’s the feeling we get when we read about this, courtesy of LC readerjp, GLOR, except none of the warm and fuzzy. Because the memories aren’t all that warm and fuzzy.

On Tuesday, the CBO released a report forecasting that the laughably titled Affordable Care Act will cause the equivalent of more than 2 million full-time employees leaving the U.S. workforce in the next decade. Note that the nonpartisan CBO didn’t say the law will initially cause unemployment and then later recover.

An administration that cared about the American people wouldn’t have spent the next 48 hours trying to distort this information into a pretzelized news nugget that is less damaging to the administration. The White House and Democrats came out of the woodwork trying to turn this spoiled, rancid, inedible lemon into lemon meringue pie with dollops of whipped cream. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spun this as a positive development because it lets Americans be “free agents.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi brags that people “are no longer job-blocked.”

Slavery is Freedom
Weakness is Strength
Unemployment is… Who the fuck knows? Liberating?

Little did we know that all of these years we’d secretly been slaves to work, that we’d be much happier on the dole with nothing to do. But Der Führer says so, and how can he be wrong? He knows so much better than I.

The CBO’s projections aren’t hard to believe, because they are consistent with what we are already observing. CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf said, “By providing heavily subsidized health insurance to people with very low income and then withdrawing those subsidies as income rises, the act creates a disincentive for people to work.”

No shit, Sherlock! By removing the incentives to work, you make the incentives to work go away??? Why, that’s dangerous, extremist, RAYCISSSSS subversive speech, Comrade! You better shut up if you know what’s good for you!

Consider another major news item that screamed its way onto my computer screen. Tim Armstrong, CEO for AOL, said Obamacare will cost his company an additional $7.1 million, so it has to decide whether to pass that cost onto employees or cut other benefits (which, I might note, also would come out of the employees’ pockets — you know, those little guys Obama professes to care about).

Which nobody other than the bumbling retards who vote for him believe. Sadly, terminal imbecility is not yet sufficient grounds for taking somebody’s vote away. It should be, but it isn’t. It would make the Democrat Socialist Workers’ Party disappear from DC overnight. Again, it should be.

Basic Econ 101 again: If the cost of doing business goes up, then the business has two choices: 1) Close down (oh frabjous joy of funemployment, the Democrat Socialists sing!) or 2) pass the cost on (evil money-grubbing evil haters, the Democrat Socialists screech).


And while submoronic, subsentient organisms who fail to understand this very basic fact retain the right to vote, the problem will be left to fix itself. And fix itself it will. Because what can’t go on, won’t.

It won’t be pretty, but it will be everything those drooling, window-licking, thumb-sucking leftards deserve.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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