We may just make this an ongoing series of schadenboner articles about leftist retards reaping the whirlwind that their illiterate votes have sown (h/t Imperial Library Czar):

During a Google Hangout session on Friday, fry cook Darnell Summers told President Obama that his hours were cut due to the Affordable Care Act.

You don’t SAY? Of course, back when it was announced that the Unaffordable Care Act would make employer insurance, well, Unaffordable, but that employers only had to offer it to FULL-time employees, all of those of us with functioning brains (aka NON-Obama voters) predicted that, wait for it, full-time employees would soon find themselves in part-time jobs.

But you imbeciles didn’t listen, did you? You were too busy screaming RAYCISSSSS at us. So fuck you, fuck you very, very muuuuuuuuuuch.

Oh, by the way, who did you vote for? Thought so. Fuck you once more.

“We were broken down to part time to avoid paying health insurance,” he said. Summers explained that he makes $7.25 an hour and has been on strike four times seeking a wage increase. “We can’t survive, it’s not livin’,” he said.


Hear that song? It’s sad. It’s very, very sad. And it’s the smallest violin on the planet too!

Did we remember to say “fuck you?”

You shat and pissed in your bed, now go sleep in it, Obamarrhoid.

The president responded by urging states to increase the minimum wage. “I am working to encourage states, governors, mayors, state legislators to raise their own minimum wage,” Obama said. “Obviously, the way to reach millions of people would be for Congress to pass a new federal minimum wage law. So far, at least, we have not seen support from Republicans for such a move.”

Oh, so first you pass a law that makes everybody lose their hours so they can’t afford food anymore. And then you blame the Republicans because they won’t wave a magic dollar wand and just pay everybody more per hour to compensate for your own very deliberate sabotage. How utterly… predictable. And typical socialist. But don’t call him that. The “pragmatists” in the RINO punditry will call you “hysterical” and “unhelpful” and that would be bad!

And of course, to mouth-breathing morons like, we don’t know, every single Obama Voter in the country, raising the wages of your local fry cook is not at ALL going to make the prices of burgers and fries go up, nosirree. Why, those capitalist owners with their stretch limos and diamond-encrusted jacuzzis will just pluck some more money off the money trees they have in their yards. Ah-yup.

Damn imbeciles. Get the fuck off our planet.


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