Oh, and we’re sure that it has nothing to do with NYC electing a bona fide communist, weak-on-crime mayor either because RACISTS!

Don’t follow this link to a story about a poor black girl being set upon by a gang of white RACISTS, slashing open her face from hairline to chin with a razor unless you have a really strong stomach.

What’s that you’re saying? It was a WHITE girl being set upon by a gang of BLACK thugs?

Oh well, nothing to see here then. “Back into the memory hole and if you DO report on it, DO NOT MENTION THE RACE OF THE ATTACKERS.” (Quote from Lame Stream Mediass Style Book). Let’s run another story about George Zimmerman and White Racism, why don’t we? Didn’t he hand in a library book two days late once?

P.S.: Should anybody feel tempted to turn this into anything other than what it is, such as “DAMN, THIS JUST PROVES THAT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE MURDEROUS THUGS!!!11!!1!!!!ELEVENTY!!!”, do yourselves a favor and vent somewhere else, like Stormfront.org. They like your kind over there. We don’t. What this proves is that the Mediasses are hopelessly biased, happily burying any story, no matter how big, if it conflicts the slightest with Teh Narrative™ (pbui) and that they, as such, cannot be used as serious sources of any sort of information.

May the perps in the story be caught and fed into a wood chipper. Feet first.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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