I’m sitting here on the back porch this morning after few busy but awesome days of Thanksgiving. I have a nice warm fire going in our pit that’s taking the slight chill off the morning air and 25 feet away there are 8 does, a buck and two fawns munching away at the corn we put out for them daily.

The sound of the song birds is occasionally punctuated by that damn rooster in our coop, crowing his feathered ass off as he is want to do in the mornings, sometimes at O’dark frigging-thirty. Regardless, the fresh laid eggs from his harem are worth the minor annoyance of him exercising his considerable if annoying, vocal talents.

I’m home again. I haven’t spent much time out in the real country since I was a lad and summered with my maternal grandmother in western Maryland. Since those days of long ago, I’ve been forced by employment to live in or close to the cities. Not anymore. Last Wednesday marked the end of the daily hell-ute to Austin and back through miserable traffic getting to the northern side of the city. Monday brings me a pleasant ride of 20 minutes to a new job on the outskirts of a little town nearby. No interstate highways or local expressways to slow me down. Just a great country road with a 65 mph speed limit, typical of rural Texas. I might see 20 vehicles the whole ride in, if it’s a busy day.

Life is good, now that I’ve closed another chapter in my book of life. I’ve found peace in an unexpected turn of events that can only be considered His will and plan for me.

My beloved country is going to hell at warp speed and we all need to consider what hill we’re ready to die on, if needs be. This place is defensible to the max, and we even could conceal and confuse an aerial assault for awhile here. Lots of heavy woods in all directions and only one way in and out for vehicles along a perfect ambush route. We can live off-the-grid for a long time here with the resources at hand.

This is a very good hill to die on, under the Lone Star flag. Living here gives one the insight that the patriots at San Antonio de Bexar knew. This place was and is worth fighting and dying for.

A better man than I had this to say.

I must say as to what I have seen of Texas, it is the garden spot of the world. The best land & best prospects for health I ever saw is here, and I do believe it is a fortune to any man to come here. There is a world of country to settle. Davey Crockett- Letter to his children (9 January 1836)

He died with the rest of those immortal ones in the defense and creation of Texas. He chose his hill and I guess I’m not too far off choosing this place too.

G-d gave this land for those worthy of it and capable of recognizing it’s beauty and value. A place where we can find peace and the freedom to do as we please, be it prosper or failure, but of our own free will, without the tyranny of other men OR their creations of repressive governments to lord over us at every turn.

I’ve found a pretty good hill. My prayer friends is that you find yours as well.

Time to refill my coffee and carry on with what the day holds here at the ranch.

-Carry On

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