John Podhoretz makes a lot of good points about how the Lying King Obama Misadministration got so brazen about lying and breaking the law, most of them having to do with the Democrat Socialist Party’s National Socialist Party Loyalty Uber Alles, which is true, and the so-called “press” being so far into Obama’s pants that it’s a wonder they survived the dry cleaner.

But he misses out on one point:

He has always had the protection of Senate Democrats, who have not acted in any way to trouble him regarding these scandals and who have impeded aggressive investigations into them.

What “aggressive investigations”, pray tell? And please don’t mention Darrel “McClellan” Issa unless you’re deliberately trying to make us die laughing.

Just exactly where, pray tell, have Darrel “McClellan” Issa’s numerous opened, lead-to-nowhere, let’s not actually set down a select committee to investigate because that might upset the New York Slimes’ editors, “investigations” been in any way “aggressive?”

We have to exercise extreme patience and benefit of the doubt way and beyond the call of duty in order to not say that every single one of his “investigations” have been nothing but kabuki theater designed to appear as effort while being carefully designed to not actually accomplish anything. To keep the natives calm, of course. For years, YEARS we’ve been told over and over again, on a weekly basis, that “tomorrow’s testimony would blow [insert any one of Darrel’s brilliant and “aggressive” investigations here] WIDE open”, but nothing has ever actually blown anywhere, has it? He has opened umpteen different investigations, but he hasn’t close a single damn one.

Faced with that kind of nutless cowardice and collaboration, it’s no bloody wonder that the Democrat Socialists have felt emboldened to push forward with ever more of their illegal, unconstitutional power grabs. Why the hell wouldn’t they? Their opposition is perfectly happy letting them get away with it as long as they can pretend to be fighting against it.

Hey, Darrel: Since you’re not willing to use your committee, I’d like to borrow it for a while.

You puling traitorous, gutless piece of shit un-American yellow-bellied son of a Nazi-fucking whore.


Oh, and as to the headline of that piece, “Why Obama can’t wave away this scandal”, don’t make us laugh.

That’s exactly why he can and will do so. Because there is not one functioning set of testicles in all of the GOP and because they will do their damndest, destroy the nation if they have to, in order to avoid the risk of having Paul Krugman call them names.

On 9/11, that horrible day, one plane got diverted from its goal thanks to Providence and the unfathomable courage of its passengers. Why did that plane have to be Flight 93? If I could swap the life of one, just one of the people in the Pentagon or the Towers for every single life of the parasitical cancers in Washington DC that that plane was aimed at, just one, I’d take the deal and spend the rest of my days knowing that I got one HECK of a bargain.

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By Emperor Misha I

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