So we just learned that the Lying Moslem King Obama offered his pisslamist friends in Tehran another Munich deal.

Do go ahead and read it if you like, but the Cliff’s Notes version is that we throw money at the Mad Mullahs who have sworn, over and over again, to nuke our Israeli allies, we lift the sanctions against them and let the money roll into their coffers, all in return for their undoubtedly very, very sincere promises that they won’t, pinky swear and scouts’ honor, use their nuclear program to make bombs.

Ah, but of course there are “guarantees” that they keep their word in the form of “inspections” etc. Which worked so well with North Korea and Iraq. Just ask Assad where he magically got all of those WMDs from that his pissy little shithole of a nation surely couldn’t have made themselves. If you have anything other than derisive laughter in response to those “guarantees”, then you really need to get back on the short bus and put your foam helmets back on.

It’s all following the same course that Imam Obama has followed from day 1, which is to destabilize the Middle East that it took us decades to stabilize, put as many weapons of mass destruction as possible in the hands of radical pisslamists, overthrow stable regimes and replace them with fundamentalist pisslamist nutjobs, isolate Israel and then let nature take its course.

His masters in those Indonesian madrassahs taught him well in between their traditional Islamic Man Boy Love Lessons, we have to give him that much.

The Democrat Socialists have never been closer to accomplishing what their ideological predecessors, the National Socialists never could.

It is very sad indeed that we sent good men to die halfway across the globe only to see the Nazi Progressives win here at home, but that’s what happened. You send the adults out of the house and the idiot kids will trash it while they’re gone.

As we’ve said before: The only good socialist is a dead socialist. Kill one today. It will make you feel better and it will make the Baby Jesus smile.

Either way, we’re all fucked.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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