As the cheap communist concrete is chipping and raining down over his head, Ear Leader reaches out to his Useless Idiots for moral support:

A downbeat President Barack Obama Führer repeatedly asked his worried supporters Monday night to help resurrect his spirits, following weeks of political disasters and personal humiliations caused by the cascading collapse of Obamacare the Eastern front. The distracted president Führer railed against opponents disobedient, traitorous generals and at one point appeared to forget the number of people divisions in the Obamacare system Wehrmacht during the rambling quarter-hour address.

We may have edited that a little bit. Because we could.

“I’ve never lost faith in our ability to get this done… you guys have lifted me up, and lifted each other up at every step of the way, and I know you’re going to just keep on doing that,” he said during his 14-minute sermon.

‘We have experienced discouragement and setbacks and naysayers every step of the way, but you know when you’re on the right side of something, then it gives you energy, it gives you motivation,” he said.

The Most Intelligent, Resolute, Strong Leader in All of the History of Mankind™ crying in his beet soup and begging his cultists for a hug to lift his spirits.

You know what? We retract the Führer allegations earlier. They’re not fair.

To Hitler. At least he had the courage to suck start his Walther PPK when his insanity blew up in his face.

Thatisall and, by the way, open thread.

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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