So, 50 years ago today, a communist loser who’d lived in the USSR for a while until it didn’t work for him, then been rejected for residence in Cuba for whatever reason, shoots a U.S. President presumably, if he had any motives at all other than being bug shit crazy, because he didn’t approve of said president’s less than cordial relationship with communist mass murderer Fidel Castro.

And the Old Grey Meth Hooker, the New York Times‘ explanation for this?

Why, the right-wing extremism of Dallas in the 60s, of course. And something about Dallasite suburban women’s knitting clubs conspiring to murder him, we think. It’s not quite clear what they mean there.

You can’t even parody the leftist swine anymore.

Listen, you socialist subhuman scum: We get it. You don’t like us uncouth Southerners, you really really don’t like us. The feeling’s mutual.

So just leave us the fuck alone or go die in a fire. We really don’t care either way.

The only good socialist is a dead socialist.


UPDATE: You may have seen it in the comments, but LC readerjp’s tip bears repeating. Are you ready? Latest drooling leftist retard spin: Lee Harvey Oswald, the Communist First Tea Partier. No, seriously, that’s what the cultist is really saying.

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By Emperor Misha I

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