And no, His Imperial Majesty doesn’t give two flips about the “conservatives need to stand behind the GOP candidate, no matter how much of a RINO” mantra that always comes out of the Rove wing of the GOP when they try to foist another Kris Krispy Kreme on us.

We tried that, remember? We held our nose for McCain (mainly because we hoped that he’d die of a heart attack 15 minutes after inauguration, but we digress) and we did it again, against our better judgment, for Mittens RomneyCare because the argument does have some merit: Fight in the primaries for the candidate you prefer, line up behind whoever wins even if you lose that fight.

Fair enough.

But it has to work both ways. And it self-evidently doesn’t. The Cuccinelli fiasco is just the latest and most damning proof of that.

Not only did the RINO wing choose to sit that campaign out right from the beginning when it looked like Cooch was a long shot, you might have an argument along the lines of “no sense in throwing good money at a lost fight” there, but they completely and utterly refused to even lift a finger when McAwful’s lead started shrinking like the pecker of a progressive in a room full of Marines. Cooch’s campaign was dead to them all the way, even when McAwful’s two digit lead started evaporating like early morning mist in the sun thanks to the OgabeCare “rollout”.

They wanted that “awful conservative (boo, hiss!)” Cuccinelli to lose, they needed him to lose, lest conservatives start getting ideas about being viable.

So they left him alone on the battlefield to die, held back their reinforcements and are now dancing on his grave, using it to defame him as a useless, worthless, “extremist” candidate.

Meanwhile, they were pumping money into Kris Krispy Kreme’s campaign in New Jersey, an election that was a solid lock since before it even started, because they needed to blow up his winning margin as much as they could in order to manufacture the argument that the GOP needs to be more like a pro-amnesty, pro-gun control, pro-Obama, pro-ObamaCare Democrat in All By Name in order to “win.”

And in spite of the RINOs’ best efforts to destroy any chance of Cuccinelli winning, their preferred candidate, McAwful, STILL only managed to squeak out a narrow plurality, courtesy of the candidacy of the most fake “libertarian” whose name isn’t Bill Maher.

But the RINOs did it. They “won.” Another of their “victories” designed, not to restore our Republic to something that our Founders might not want to rebel against themselves if they were still around, but to make sure that they’ll forever remain ensconced with their snouts in the trough of DC, because to let those godawful conservatives win would mean cutting back on the mindless waste that is Washington DC and, thus, their power and privilege.

Which is all that they care about, and if you’re still in doubt… Seriously? Did your family selectively breed for imbecility or are you just a random mutation?

But thanks, RINOs, for drawing up the battle lines so clearly. It is on.

The next time you cry about those horrid Tea Partiers needing to adhere to the doctrine of party loyalty, we’ll just sneer “you mean, like you adhered to Cuccinelli? Sure thing”, and then we’ll punch you in your fat faces, put three rounds between your eyes and piss on your corpses.

WE “took one for the team” twice already. First for McStain, very reluctantly, and second for Mittens, completely against our better judgment.

YOU haven’t once done ONE damn thing to reciprocate. As a matter of fact, you’ve gone out of your way to do the exact opposite. Enough. We’re done being your battered wife. Fuck you.

And then die. In a fire. Slowly. While we cheer and get drunk.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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