OK, so the fix really was in in VA and the “Old Dominion” appears to have well and truly accepted Stalin’s offer and meekly put on their chains.

Jefferson et al must be drafting a motion in the hereafter to never ever let it be known where they came from, ever again.

But that’s not what this is about. This is about a well-deserved tongue-lashing to the useless “Millennials” who, more than anybody, are responsible for the clusterfark our nation is going through.

You Millenials voted for Obama by a margin of 28 percent, which will make it a lot easier for me to accept the benefits you will be paying for. We warned you that liberalism was a scam designed to take the fruits of your labor and transfer it to us, the older, established generation. Oh, and also to the couch-dwelling, Democrat-voting losers who live off of food stamps and order junk from QVC with their Obamaphones.

You didn’t listen to us. Maybe you’ll listen to pain.

I have been told that being hard on you Millennials will turn you against conservatism, that I should offer you a positive, hopeful message that avoids the touchy problem of your manifest stupidity.

No. There’s no sugar-coating it – your votes for Democrats have ensured that you are the first generation in American history that will fail to exceed what their parents attained. Embracing liberalism was a stupid thing to do, done for the stupidest of reasons, and I will now let you subsidize my affluent lifestyle without a shred of guilt.

And it gets even better after that.

Yes, Millennials: You broke it, you own it, and your plaintive wails as you cry into your lattes (as long as you’re still able to afford them) will be the sweetest of music to my ears. I will nourish myself on your bitter tears as you break your backs trying to make ends meet with your menial part time jobs, paying exorbitant taxes to pay for my benefits. Benefits that you won’t see any of because the entire socialist house of cards will have collapsed long before you get old enough to be eligible.

One of my few remaining joys in life as I see what used to be the richest, freest nation on Earth self-destroy will be seeking out the most wretched among you only to look into your eyes and, with a smile full of delicious schadenfreude, say “I told you so.”

And then, then you might get it. Or not. I don’t care. Because I once knew what it meant to be free. You never will. You burned that bridge behind you when you handed over the reins of power to a socialist community organizer because he was “cool” and “hip” unlike all of those annoying old conservative fogies who kept disturbing your calm with talk about “duty, honor, country, responsibility and paying your damn bills.”

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Your beloved Ear Leader and the members of his Nomenklatura will still be living high on the hog, but you won’t. You never will. Because he slammed that door right in your stupid, spoiled faces when he tanked the economy and loaded it up with so much red tape and regulations that you’ll never, ever be able to start up anything yourselves. Because that would threaten his rich friends who don’t much like competition. So he pulled up the ladder for them and left you on the ground floor.

He’s still laughing at your stupidity, by the way. You actually were stupid enough to believe him. Oh boy he must be laughing his fucking head off while he stuffs it with Wagyu beef and lobster which, I might add, is a great deal more tasty than the soggy noodles which will be the best you’ll ever eat.

And not only were you mindnumbingly stupid enough to buy his lies in ’08, you went ahead and doubled down on imbecility after four years of watching him make jobs disappear, destroy the healthcare insurance system and watching friends and families losing the homes they’d lived in for longer than you’d been alive. In spite of four years of reality punching you in your ignorant, pimpled, self-absorbed faces, you voted for him again.

So no. I won’t be feeling sorry for you. Not only do YOU deserve it, every bit of it, me and mine who get to suffer right alongside with you DON’T deserve it, so there is the matter of payback involved.

And considering the amount of catastrophic damage you, in your ignorance and refusal to, for once, listen to those who knew better than you, unloaded on all of US, that payback is a check that your scrawny, pampered, delusional arses can’t cash.

So, to use your idol’s words: “If you’re having difficulties, dial 1-800-F1U-CKYO.”

Have a nice day.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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