Today we’re waiting for the results of two critical election processes to run their course. Good or Bad. Regardless of the outcome, as Mark Levin said yesterday these are the first of many, many battles to come. The Left, feeling the sting of the ObamaDeathCare rollout, is on the march regardless. Their battle plans give no credence to the abject failure of The Boy King’s™and the Progressive Party’s gross incompetence in ramming this train wreck down the throats of the citizenry and will stick to their strategy. Others have more ably said the the Progressive movement is all about getting everyone over the bridge, then burning it down so there is no turning back and returning to status quo ante.

The Commonwealth of Virginia, a state won twice in Reagan landslides now is on the cusp of turning purple (blue for the northern counties such as Fairfax) in electing former Clinton bag man Terry McAuliffe into the Governor’s Mansion. McAuliffe, not even fully supported by his own party, has run a campaign entirely consisting of pandering to the single issue, low information voters and attacking a superb, true conservative candidate Ken Cuccinelli. Ken was one of the “A” team attorneys general that argued ACA in front of the black-robed tyrants led by the despicable John Roberts in the Supreme Circus. That a candidate can win an election by appealing to a tiny at best fraction of the voting public bodes ill for our beloved Republic. McAuliffe offers nothing other than unwavering support for massive tax increases, infanticide and “ensuring” that the evil conservative “War on Women” doesn’t rip the condoms out of the hands of Virginians. Americans face incredibly difficult times ahead as Obamacare begins to destroy not only the best healthcare system in the world, but the economy as a whole, rampant (and increasing) unemployment, massive tax increases to support Obamacare (just wait for the bailout for this buzzard-fuck) and other more subtle programs of the welfare state that we’ve become, forgetting the war on terror while the Iranians get a free pass to accelerate their nuclear weapons program, and a thousand other issues, all much more consequential to our immediate economic and physical security. Yet here these morons are, pulling the lever for someone on the promise that slivers of the electorate get assuaged on their pet issue. More importantly is how the Party of Stoopid has lined up squarely against Cuccinelli, they’ve all but sent sleaze-ball McAuliffe donations themselves. Rove and his fellow travelers hate the Tea-Party and are willing to stand with the likes of Harry Reid to ensure their ideology, that of continued country-club liberal thought is preserved within the party. If we’ve ever seen under the skirts of the GOP, this is irrefutable proof of how far they’ve taken the party away from the American people and the Conservative ascendancy. A McAuliffe victory is not only good for the left, but good for the party of traitorous RINOs. A loss will be touted as a litmus test “proving” that the Tea Party candidates are too “extreme” to win national elections. A win, that I have serious doubts about, can be spun as merely proving that the left couldn’t field a viable candidate. Win or Lose, wait for the Spin Meisters to ensure that “We The People” are shown as being too stupid to know what’s good for us, that our betters that gave us the John McCains, the Mitt Romneys and all the other “only candidate that can win” idiots were right all along. We aren’t the ones out of touch with main stream America, the ongoing National nightmare of Obamacare will hopefully wake some of our fellow citizens out of their political slumber enough to see the reality of their collective choice to put a socialist community-organizer in the WH for two terms.

The second electoral watershed event is the referendum by 11 northern Colorado counties to consider seceding from an out of control state government in Denver. The last elections saw the left take over state government, riding on out of state funding from the likes of Nanny Bloomberg, et al. They rapidly passed liberty-crushing legislation strictly on party line votes that resulted in the recall of two State Senators. The sweeping, gun-grabbing legislation did not sit well with the outdoors types that reside in the Northern part of the state and the kindling was lit. Following this, the electorate, still largely conservative, of the 11 northern counties began a move that resulted in a referendum being placed on the ballot for today’s elections. The movement was clever and ensured that only voters in the counties considering secession would be able to decide the question. Should it pass, further legislation would follow to create Northern Colorado, the 51st state. Only the 10 counties in the northeast corner of the state would constitute the new state, the 11th being on the NW corner would likely petition to become a part of their brethren in Wyoming as other requirement for statehood require the counties be contiguous.

The citizens of these counties have recognized a growing danger to this and other western states. As California depopulates, the refugees are moving to more family-friendly states, yet like locusts, progressives move away from the blight of their preferred culture and immediately begin bringing it along with them, destroying their new homes as they go. It’s a sick phenomenon that makes them Sisyphyian in nature and continuing to buy into attempting to create their Utopia Just Around The Corner™. They keep pushing the rock up the hill, only to have it roll back down and over them (see Detroit). They’re constitutionally unable to recognize their foolishness and seem condemned to keep on pushing it back up the hill, only in a new location. The inner cities of the major metro areas are prime examples of this. In virtually every city in the nation, the exodus to the suburbs began 20 years ago and along with it the blight of progressive insanity with it. No state is immune, here in Texas we see suburbs such as Arlington becoming strong-holds for the liberals, having destroyed Dallas before they moved on, leaving the inner cities economic and cultural 4th world countries. Austin is an exception to this as it’s a college town and has always been a bastion of liberal/progressive policies and prides itself on it’s idiocy. It’s fortunately been contained to a few zipcodes encompassing primarily the downtown areas that include the college campuses. The disturbing part of this new battleground of ideas is the massive influence of out-of-state money attempting to maintain the left’s newly found power base. They see Colorado as the opening of a new front in the culture war and they’re willing to spend vast amounts of money to maintain a toe-hold. A solid vote today would be a major set-back for their efforts and personally I will be dancing nekkid (hey I’m waaay out of town now and only the wild-critters need suffer that vision) that they pissed away their money on their cause only have it shoved up their asses by the actual people forced to live under their boot. Getting them to spend millions is in and of itself a good tactic and hopefully notes will be taken by our side. The recall effort and secession referendum have both been on shoe-string budgets, proving that a group of citizens pushed far enough will put their own time and efforts into making a real change for themselves and their families, without relying of vast sums of money from outsiders.

Elections DO have consequences and we can only hope that the left gets to feel a bit of pain at the hands of Real Americans at the polls today. Regardless, the scripts are already written to play it down, but We The People will see and know a victory when it happens. It is only the first skirmish in the Battle Of The Republic, but it’s important as all the ones that are certain to follow are too.

Take heart friends, we number in the millions, the enemy only a few hundred thousand, in spite of their command of the information war. We can prevail if we too, stand and fight with our brothers and sisters in places like Colorado and Virginia today.

-Carry On

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