It’s all about the Union dues coffers. How else to explain this? You can’t. Not with out a straight face at least. The very idea of two of the most powerful Teacher Unions in the country fighting this bill is so utterly repugnant I can’t even find words – oh who am I kidding…I got words, lots of them, and ain’t very many of the politically correct variety either.

NEA / ATF Oppose bill that bars sex offenders from Schools

The measure would require school systems to check state and federal criminal records for employees with unsupervised access to elementary and secondary school students, and for people seeking those jobs. Workers refusing to submit to the checks would not be allowed to have school positions.

Imperial Scribe!! File this one under “pure common sense” please. Thanks!

In letters to lawmakers, the unions have claimed the measure might jeopardize workers’ protections under union contracts.

Let me get this straight Unions? You’re the same asshats breaking out in cold sweats and screaming of unthinkable bloodshed and carnage at the very mention of arming teachers to protect children against psychotic killers rampaging through our schools and now, NOW,  you want to give sex offenders full access to our children as well? REALLY?

Sorry not buying it, it sounds like to me, the bottom line here is protecting adults — the same adults pouring money (in the guise of Union Dues) into the NEA and ATF coffers…and the children be damned. If those same adults happen to diddle a few 10 year old kids…what of it ? It’s for the greater good, and really…you can’t have an omelet without cracking a few eggs, or shattering a feel innocent kids minds as the case may be…Let’s be pragmatic here!!!

Chester the Kiddie Molester – no problem, he deserves a Union job – because – Well er, Um….Let’s see. I got nothing.

Far as I’m concerned they deserve nothing but a bullet, but that’s just me, knuckledragging my way through the “nuance” as usual, but of course…. Keith Ellison (D) MN says differently.

 Keith Ellison, D-Minn., has spoken out against the bill, saying it does not allow for people to overcome their criminal backgrounds.

Minnesota, call us, we have your village idiot here. I suggest you do it post haste too, the pups here around the Imperial Palace are growling at him…. and that’s never a good thing.

Ever hear of the terms “repeat offender” Keith? Let me ‘splain it to you. Almost 90 % of the convicted sex offenders out there go – right back to what they were doing before John Law grabbed them by the short and curlies. You know, molesting, raping, dealing kiddie porn across the cesspool called the internet with the OTHER 10% of the pedophiles that haven’t been caught yet…..  But yeah sure, no problem, lets give them jobs in education and better yet? Unfettered access to a target rich environment… a school full of unwitting innocent kids. What could POSSIBLY go wrong eh Keith!?!?

Of course – Old Keith ….he’s going to find some way to perpetuate the teaching of his religion, kids be damned  – he is a Mooselimb after all – and banging a 12 year old girl, well that’s just A-okay according to Keith because Mo said so.  As long as you pray a lot and face east that is. But Sex between too consenting adults out of wed-lock ..STONE THE INFIDELS !! BUUUUURN them!!

Tell you what, you pedophile prophet worshiping shit bag…let’s put YOUR kids into an environment infested with a bunch of misunderstood perverted sexual deviants and see how that turns out for you. Oh wait, being a member of the protected political elite I’m sure YOUR kids would never be subjected to the horrors that is now our public school system thanks to people like you – Democrats and their fucking unions. Fuck you both. To Death – if there were ever a couple of poster children for the words “Domestic Enemies” these people are it.



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