In which we continue to try keeping track of the hissy fits and angry bangings of sippy cups from Ear Leader as he continues spending money punishing the ungrateful people of the U.S.

There are probably many more such incidents, so if you know of any, please feel free to update us in the comments.

LC Tallulah informs us that Ear Leader has ordered the Normandy War Cemetery shut down because Tea Party, TEA PARTY, WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Obviously, we can’t have people wandering aimlessly about in a war cemetery looking at headstones without adult supervision. Who knows what people might get up to?

From Ace we learn that The Greatest Leader of All Times has also ordered the ocean shut down until the American People do as they’re told and take their medicine. Seriously. We WISH that we were kidding, but we’re not. So far rumors that he’s also ordered the tide to not come in haven’t been confirmed.

And, finally (for now), we learn that he’s ordered out the SturmAbteilungen in Washington DC to clear the Vietnam Memorial of veterans who, in direct defiance of Führer Directive 100113, making it illegal to walk by and look at a wall sitting in an open park, scaled the barricades and did so anyway.

The Reichspolizei has the situation under control and have managed to herd off the disobedient rabble defying Our Beloved Führer’s orders.

We have a feeling that something’s going to have to give at some point.

Didn’t Levin state a few days ago that if a hand was laid on any veterans by Obama’s Sturmtruppen, bad things would happen?

Well, Mr. Levin, hands have now been laid upon veterans. Ready to march.


Obama Stormtrooper Heroically Protecting Lincoln Memorial From Illegal Eyeballing
Obama Stormtrooper Heroically Protecting Lincoln Memorial From Illegal Eyeballing

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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