And who had been ignored for at least a decade and a half since, what the fuck do we know about socialism, having grown up under it?

Shutdowns like the one we’re going through, and oh the HORROR of it all, generally don’t tend to help socialists, contrary to what such bright intellects as Karl “1% success rate” Rove say.

The reason for that is quite simple, which is probably why retards like Rove fail to understand it.

Average Americans, by which we mean the single most important voting bloc in the country, whether they tend to vote D or R, really aren’t all that verklempt about the Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements (again: We didn’t make this up, this is a real committee wasting very real money) not being able to waste more of their money.

The ones who are concerned, however, are the ones wasting all of our money on filing forms in triplicate about textile agreements. Obviously. Because their make-work meal check is threatened.

And the ones filling positions like that are, by a vast majority, people who vote for the socialists in government who present them with ever more bloated budgets for doing work that nobody needs done. Democrats.

No, we’re not talking about the military, the DoD or any number of departments and offices actually mandated and funded by the Constitution, those people tend to be quite conservative, we’re talking about all the others, and they are by FAR the vast majority of the people who cause red ink on our national balance sheet.

So when a shutdown like this occurs or, as it used to be in the socialist country of our birth where we called it “teachers’ strikes, nurses’ strikes” or any number of other reliably socialist workers, the pressure to get the money flowing again tends to come from, you know, socialists. And as a result, the socialist government always, always caved. Because they’re not going to give two fucks about what people not belonging to their voter base gripe about, but when it comes to their own voting cattle, the unionized drones funding their socialist party coffers… They’ll pay attention, alright.

And this country, no matter what “bright minds” like Rove and McCain might say, is no different.

Federal employees are, by a large majority, Democrats, so Democrats are the ones most likely to be hurt overall by a shutdown. And the National Socialist Democrat Party can’t continue to operate without their votes and funds, so the longer they’re being squeezed, the more the pressure to compromise from their natural voter base is going to increase.

Which is exactly why the National Socialist Democrats and their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, are getting ever more hysterical and ridiculous in their howls and claims with every day that passes. They KNOW that they can’t survive this for very long.

It’s a pity that multi-millionaire imbecilic “experts” like Karl Rove can’t see that, but that’s probably because they, unlike us, a lowly peasant from a socialist country with three decades worth of personal experience to back us up, have no fucking clue what they’re talking about.

We really ought to quit doing this shit for free. It’s a waste of time we could use better, because the bills won’t pay themselves, and we’re getting tired of shouting into the wind.

Let the fucking wreck burn.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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