So far, the Senate’s Democratic caucus has remained united. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is facing reelection in 2014, but she isn’t breaking from her party on the stopgap funding bills. Asked Thursday morning at a press conference if she would vote for the NIH or veterans affairs bills, Landrieu told THE WEEKLY STANDARD, “I would not.”

…”It is my hope–my hope–that many brave men and women in the Republican party will stand up and close this Tea Party down,” Landrieu said.

And if Louisiana reelects this Nazi bitch in 2014, then it is my hope — my hope –, that the rest of America will just have a big fucking party the next time the state that reelected her faces a hurricane, because they’ll all deserve to drown.

No need to worry about keeping the state borders open for relief columns, because there won’t BE any.

Keep humping the bodies of dead children for political gains, you SS bitch, and may your body rot piece by piece until you die in horrifying, screaming pain.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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