So Ear Leader’s regime, desperate for some theater to demonstrate how the Evil Anarcho-Terrorist Rethugnicans are hurting, HURTING people by refusing to give Ear Leader everything he demands without a peep, decided to declare the WWII memorial in DC closed due to the “shutdown.”

Mind you, we’re not talking about the Smithsonian here. It’s not a building guarding innumerable priceless national treasures. It’s a piece of landscape, a park, an open area with some monuments on it. It doesn’t need any personnel to function, anymore than your local playground/picnic area needs any.

But the Regime needed theatrics, so they ordered a bunch of obviously “essential” government drones out to barricade the entire area off, just to make sure that nobody dared wander into a public piece of landscape unsupervised.

Didn’t turn out too well for them when a shitload of WWII vets showed up as part of the yearly Honor Flight to honor their fallen brothers. As a side note, the organizers of Honor Flight were even polite enough to ask whether they might be allowed to wander the grounds of a memorial that they paid for, both with their blood and treasure, only to be told by the Regime’s goons, as politely as only government jackboots can say it, to fuck off and die.

Anyway, neither the refusals from the administration of a dope-smoking, underachieving affirmative action poster boy, nor the flimsy barricades erected by his stormtroopers to keep those horrid hooligans out much fazed the guys who’d successfully beaten the crap out of Bloody Omaha, Iwo Jima and too many other obstacles to mention, so they promptly proceeded to knock Ear Leader’s barricades down and go about their business, paying their respects to their brothers.

The park police, wisely, decided to pretend that they’d gone blind and deaf. Din’t see NUFFINK! The prospect of having their fat arses kicked to dust by a bunch of nonagenarians didn’t appeal to them, it would appear. Or maybe it was out of respect. We’d really like to think that.

End result? We don’t think this bit of theater worked out quite the way Ear Leader had intended but, then again, he is justly famous for fucking up everything he touches.

And since we’re busy ripping off our Sestrichka’s site, we’d like to point to a glorious rant of hers regarding this whole “shutdown” business.

She doesn’t hold back. Then again, she never did, and that’s why we love her so very much. Both sides get both barrels. The Democrat Socialists for being Democrat Socialists who don’t understand how this whole “democracy” thing works, and the Retardlicans for wasting three years focusing all of their efforts on attacking the “wacko-birds” who handed them the House in 2010 on a silver platter instead of, you know, maybe working to get rid of the 404Care disaster that they promised to focus on getting rid of if they were elected.

One note on her closing paragraph:

Personally, I’d love to see just one politician with the testicular fortitude to say he or she would give up their salary for however long it takes for them to figure out how to fix this mess!

Look no further, dorogaya sestrichka moya, Ted Cruz has already done just that.

How utterly unusual. A politician, a politician putting his money where his mouth is and doing exactly what he said he would be doing. We’re hoping he becomes a trend-setter.

Incidentally, while you’re over there reading her most excellent rant, we’d like to note that she’s one of the “non-essential” ones currently sent home without pay on Harry Reid and Ear Leader’s orders since, obviously, analysts are not at all essential to our nation. So if you have a shekel, it’d mean a lot to us. And if you don’t, then that’s OK too. Heaven knows that there aren’t very many shekels to go around anymore in the Golden Age of Obamanomics.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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