Well, that Senate “showdown” went about as one would have expected, with RINOs scattering for the hills and handing the problem right back to the House by “cleverly” voting for it before they voted against it, knowing full well that their “nay” would amount to nothing and in no way endanger the ObamaCare that they need next year for fundraising purposes.

Over the screams of the sick and the dying, of course, but why would they care? They’ve got theirs, so kindly bugger off, voters.

The full list of traitors who couldn’t give a flying flip (Senator Cruz’s words, not ours, although we agree completely) about unemployment, loss of hours and loss of coverage for millions of Americans can be found here.

We’ll just focus on the, ahem, interesting ones:

Lamar Alexander, TN: Seeking reelection in ’14, currently has a primary challenger, Joe Carr. Let’s hear it for Joe. Lamar obviously needs to spend more time with his family.

Saxby Chambliss, GA: Not seeking reelection, and good riddance. Several declared candidates. Time to go pick the right one.

Jeffrey Chiesa, NJ: Appointed by Krispy Kreme Christie to the post of Assistant Obama Ballwasher. Krispy’s tongue was getting tired. Republican candidate for the seat is Steve Lonegan.

Thad Cochran, MS: Not sure whether he will seek reelection. Imperial tip: Don’t bother, Thad, just go enjoy the cries of your constituents dying in ObamaCare slaughterhouses. Thanks to you.

Susan Collins, ME: Main question here is “why hasn’t that socialist slut been retired yet?” Heckuva job, Maine. Now try to do better.

John Cornyn, TX: Quite a disappointment, that one. Fluffing Harry Reid’s nuts while his fellow Senator from TX tried to stop the disaster. May be tough to find a primary challenger in time, but that’s no excuse. Let’s get going!

Lindsey Graham, SC: Not only overdue, but also promising. Challenger Joe Wilson currently leads narrowly in polls. Let’s make that lead stronger. Time to make Lindsay Lohan, er, Graham go do something else with his time.

Mike Johanns, NE: Challenger already on hand, with a couple more potential ones.

Mitch McConnell, KY: Oh yes, McCockless is up for election next year. Let’s make it the last one he has to go through, the poor old dear. Challengers at hand and, in case you needed any further indication that McCockless has to go, he has the endorsement in the Republican Primary of, wait for it, the Kentucky Democrat Party. Say no more.

So there’s the list of RINOs in dire need of retirement next year.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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