Preliminary reports suggest that Ogabe’s BFF, Orange Crush Weepy Boner, might, might actually have realized that members of his caucus aren’t exactly overjoyed at the prospect of committing seppuku to advance his preferred plan of surrendering every chance he gets to the Liberal Fascists.

House GOP leaders are looking to reverse course and agree to tea party demands to try to use a vote this week on a must-pass temporary government funding bill to block implementation of President Barack Obama’s health care law.

A GOP aide says the latest strategy, to be offered to rank-and-file Republicans at a closed-door meeting on Wednesday, would be to link a “defund Obamacare” provision to the stopgap funding bill and send it to the Senate. The aide required anonymity to discuss the strategy because it has not been announced.

In other words, the rank and file have discovered that perhaps Weepy Boner and Eric Cunthair’s brilliant plan to force a fake vote while surrendering wholesale to Ogabe’s OgabeCare without a fight might not be as brilliant as all that.

Could it be that those “pointless” calls for calls to Congresscritters weren’t all that pointless after all? Could it be that perhaps Republicans NOT in safely gerrymandered districts such as Weepy Boner’s didn’t much like the idea of being unemployed in 2015?

Or have Cunthair and Boner just decided to buy some time to come up with a better way of taking a giant piss on the people who hired them?

We lean towards the latter, knowing just exactly how unprincipled, dishonest, self-serving and useless the GOP is, but at least it means that the RINO traitor fuckheads are beginning to feel the heat under their flabby, pimpled arses.

So keep those calls rolling in. We’ve already established a first name relationship with the staff members in our critters’ offices through our relentless reminders. Why don’t you do the same?

Just let your local critter know, whether he or she is an incumbent or a hopeful, that any sort of support or lack of will to fight the destruction of our healthcare system on their part will make you do anything you can, anything at all, to make sure that they’ll find themselves looking for an actual job in 2015. Which, in OgabeTopia, isn’t exactly what you’d call a cheerful prospect.

Or you can choose to side with the “we can’t win now, so let’s delay and fight another day” crowd which, we assure you, won’t end well.

We do have SOME experience with the impossibility of getting governments to back down once they have their teeth in your flesh. No matter how much the Delay Crowd™ claim to know better, in spite of their actual ZERO experience with what we wasted three decades of our life living under.

But what do WE know? Just hold off for now, we’ll win this LATER. You Hobbits, Visigoths, extremists and Constitutional Extremists.

Or not. Your choice.

To all of those of you who have given up, who say that “we can’t win, so we might as well not try”, we have this to say: You may very well be right. It may, indeed, be too late. You may lose. We understand. We really do understand that. We’re not going to sing any songs about how we shall overcome, guaranteed, we’re not going to lie and pretend that it may not be already too late.

It may very well be.

But we’d like to make it abundantly clear to you who don’t know which side of the fence to fall on, we’d like to say this to you, and then it’s up to you: Would you rather be remembered as those who tried to fight, or as those who ended up losing because it was never The Right Time™ to fight, the party of We’ll Fight Back Next Tuesday, But Today Is Not Really Good For Us™? We’re not guaranteeing a win if you fight, we can’t guarantee that and, to be quite honest, we agree with you that the odds are long now.

But think about this: Do you want to be Good Germans or Bad Germans? Did Valkyrie succeed in July of 1944? Did the even more hopeless White Rose students’ movement in Germany succeed? No they didn’t.

How many movies were made about Stauffenberg and Sophie Scholl compared to the movies about the “play along to get along because we can’t win anyways” Germans?

It’s not about how bad it is now, it’s about how bad it will inevitably become if this “healthcare” law, the Unaffordable No-Care Act, goes into effect. Because when it’s established fact, it’s game over. It won’t go away until the whole system collapses under its own unsupportable weight. It won’t go away until Berlin lies in ruins, it won’t go away until the Soviet Union dies, you can’t work and modify and fine tune within the system enough that it will not collapse.

And when it does, and all of your “pragmatic” maneuvering won’t do anything except to delay, in the best case scenario, the inevitable, you WILL be counted among the ones who LET it happen, no matter what your intentions, reasoning and analysis might be right now.

Do you want to be remembered that way? Your choice, but don’t fool yourselves: If you do NOT fight this any way you can, not one step back and no compromises, you WILL be counted as accomplices. History provides no excuses for good intentions.

Choose wisely.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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