12 Dead at the Washington Navy Yard – situation is still developing but 12 dead and they are looking for the shooters….

Gee don’t you just love those ‘gun free’ zones?


From the article:

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said investigators had not identified a motive for the shooting. There was no indication that the incident was an act of terrorism, he said.

Yeah – uh-huh…Okay Vicky…I mean Vincent. You stick to your PC bullshit…. 3 Armed people turning a entire swath of D.C. into a shooting gallery is – pretty ‘terrorist’ sounding to me but that’s just me, I don’t live in your Unicorn Universe.
“They sounded like ‘pop, pop, pop,'” said Patricia Ward, a logistics management specialist who was in the cafeteria. “Everybody just panicked at first … It was just people running, running, running.

Ah the sheeple…. run sheeple run! Every-time I here this crock of shit  of people running for thier lives because they cannot defend themselves…from a ‘mass shooting’ my blood boils… if the GFW lobby wants to explain to me why they are oh so comfortable with this enforced insanity of not allowing people to defend themselves…I’m all ears.
Police sources earlier told The Washington Post that as many as three shooters, including one in military fatigues, were involved in the mass shooting.

Nope no terrorism here – move along folks.
Updates as they come….. For the Folks in the USN – those that lost friends and loved ones today – my heart and prayers goes out to you.





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