While they were hoping we weren’t looking, Weepy Boner and Eric Cunthair have been busy writing the script for a nice bit of Kabuki theater that will ensure that Obamacare gets fully funded.

Let me break down their plan for you. House leadership will pass a continuing resolution in the House. It will fund Obamacare. Cantor and Sessions will also make sure a separate resolution to defund Obamacare gets passed that would amend the CR to defund Obamacare if the Senate votes for it, which they of course will not. These two separate votes will be combined with great fan fare to make it look like House Republicans are voting for a CR that defunds Obamacare. But the Senate will pass the CR that funds Obamacare, sending it to the President, and ignore the defund resolution.

Obamacare will be fully funded, but the GOP will get to tell its voters that it supported defunding Obamacare. Yes, they did. But only because they rigged the defunding effort to fail. This is a head pat to conservatives designed to screw them and the nation at a time more and more Americans are seeing employers shove them to part time work, cutting spousal benefits, or refusing insurance altogether because of Obamacare.

And they’re counting on the voters being too damn stupid to see it for what it is. Sadly, they may just be right.

Now get back to work, America, you have taxes to pay and votes to throw at Boner and Cunthair so they can stay in office and maintain a steady supply of nose candy and nubile interns on your dime. And Obamacare? Seriously, you dumb vote cattle, they’ve already made sure that they are exempt from that, so why would they care?

Now go enjoy your beets and gruel, peasants.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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