We are speaking, of course, of his current mission to get publicly buggered to smithereens by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who is probably bored out of his skull humiliating the Botox Clown already, wishing that we’d send somebody who might at least present a challenge.

But while we wait for the undoubtedly hilarious results to start rolling in, allow us to let LC & IB Veeshir sum up the story so far:

The chinless ophthalmologist didn’t just cross Obama’s red line, he pissed all over it and there were no repercussions. Hell, Obama spent a few days explaining that he never said there would be, it was all those other people. Probably racists.

If they didn’t do something, Obama might blunder us, and them, into a war on our timing. He was backing himself into a corner and his crew of Smart Power types are idiots. John Fucking Kerry was in charge for fuck’s sake.

So what repercussions were there? Well, Assad has to use small arms and artillery to kill “his” people and we get the unentertaining kabuki of UN inspectors who hate America accomplishing nothing all with Obama busily arming Al Quaeda.

We look like tools. And not Craftsman tools, but those weak, Dollar Store tools.

Yup, just about. And in case anybody is thinking that His Imperial Majesty is taking a bit too much delight in Obungle’s incompetent klown show and serial humiliations while not paying enough attention to the serious, dangerous consequences to world peace in general and our own national security in particular, we assure you that it isn’t so.

We are only too aware of the possible long term consequences of having a braindead community organizer in charge of our nation in these very dangerous times, believe us we are, but we’re also helpless to stop it.

So we can either scream and wail and tear our hair out, or we can at least laugh at the jugeared freak getting his comeuppance at last. We would have much preferred that said public beating would have come as a result of our own political class reacting credibly as statesmen ought to the gazillion crimes and fuckups Obungles has committed over the last five years, but they don’t have a single testicle between them.

They actually have the power to do something, but the specter of a sneering op-ed in the New York Times obviously far outweighs their constitutional duties to do their damn jobs.

It apparently Takes a Russian Village to Spank a Child King.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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