Donald Sensing, in light of Barack the Tyrant’s recent decision to “ask permission” while at the same time declaring that he can do whatever he wants to regardless of the answer, makes a very interesting observation, should Barack the Bastard decide to truly go it alone:

But there is another component of what such a position might mean. Suppose my hypothetical news story comes true and Obama order the attacks even though Congress specifically withholds authority.

I would maintain that our flag-rank military officers are duty bound to disobey those orders.

He’s right. Except that everybody in the armed forces all the way down to assistant garbage bin emptier, third class, has a duty to disobey illegal orders, particularly orders that are given in direct defiance of the Constitution.

Remember “…I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…”?

Sure, some may argue that that line has already been crossed numerous times, Barky’s undeclared, unapproved war against al Qaeda’s enemies in Libya being one of the most recent and glaring examples but, as Donald points out, it’s not de facto a crime if there are no consequences. Such as Congress doing their jobs, which they, under the “leadership” of Boner/McCockless, have shown a remarkable unwillingness to do.

Much like it certainly is illegal to lift the petty cash at the office whether you get caught or not, but if there are no consequences, who gives a damn? Similarly, if Congress refuses to oppose the unlawful, unconstitutional actions of Barky the Mad as they have ever since he was sworn in the first time, then who’s to say? If Congress won’t do their duty, then why should anybody else?

But in this hypothetical case, where Congress clearly denies Barky the authority to support his terrorist friends in al Qaeda and he goes ahead and does so anyways?

In that case, our armed forces will have a choice to make.

They can either obey their Oath, or they can commit treason.

There is no door number three.


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By Emperor Misha I

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