Snatched this priceless gem up over at our old friend Mike Hendrix’s:

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said today that the United States doesn’t need permission from the United Nations or any other international body to strike Syria for the use of chemical weapons against civilians.

“No nation, no group of nations is bound by only one dimension of whether they’d make a decision to respond to any self-defense or any other violation of the kind of humanitarian violations that we saw in Syria,” Hagel told the BBC.

Now, granted, this is a statement by “Dumber Than a Sack of Rocks” Hagel, so to mock him is very much like kicking a paraplegic after you’ve kicked him out of his wheelchair but, then again, if we were to follow decorum and not attack imbeciles, we’d pretty much be left with nothing to do until Barack the Idiot’s Junta is no longer in power.

Isn’t it refreshing how we, the U.S., suddenly don’t need to ask permission from anyone in order to kick foreign regimes in the nutsack? Or are we remembering the heady days of the “illegitimate president Bush” being a war criminal for refusing to ask permission from fwance before he attacked Ashcanistan wrong or something? Suddenly that shit doesn’t matter anymore because… Teh One™!!1!!!!11!!!

No, we don’t disagree with the notion that we don’t have to ask anybody for permission to do as we damn well please, because we don’t, it’s just funny how that self-evident truth is suddenly acceptable and not in the slightest bit questioned by the DNCMedia, now that the horrible GWB is no longer in office. You know, the GWB of economic growth, sub-5% unemployment, $1.50/gallon gas and other assorted horrors, HORRORS, we tell you.

And by “funny” we mean to say “utterly predictable.”

As to striking Syria, His Imperial Majesty finds himself in the decidedly uncomfortable position of having to say, in spite of being firmly against getting involved in that particular cesspool’s well-deserved descent into anarchy and depopulation, that we pretty much have to at this point. Thanks to Barack “Smarterer Diplomacy” Hussein’s seemingly pathological tendency to write checks with his ever flapping gums that his arse can’t possibly hope to cover.

You know, the Most Blazingly Brilliant Intellect of All Time™ who told Russia to not grant Snowden asylum or ELSE, after which they did just that, who told the Egyptian military to absolutely NOT hurt the feelings of the Muslim Hajihood or ELSE, after which they proceeded to kick their fundamentalist arses in a truly epic fashion, and who told Assad to absolutely NOT use chemical weapons against the al Qaeda rebels or ELSE, after which he did just that. Twice.

If you were a halfway sentient life form, you might at this point start wondering if there is anybody or anything in the entire world who takes any threat of Obuttbrain’s seriously at all. And if you were intelligent enough to boil water, you’d also know the answer to that rhetorical question.

Threats don’t matter if everybody knows you’re not going to follow through on them. As a matter of fact, if they know that, threats have the exact opposite effect in that they now act as encouragement to do exactly what you’ve been told would have dire consequences. Every single time you defiantly do what you’ve been threatened not to do and consequences don’t follow, you knock down your opponent several notches while scoring cheap points yourself.

Does anybody really believe that Vladimir Putin granted asylum to Eddie Snowden because he thought that poor Snowden had anything substantial to offer Russia?

Don’t make us laugh. He did it only because it would expose Barack the Buffoon even more as the inept, impotent, waffling, cowardly ghetto trash that he is. He did it only because he enjoys sticking his finger in the eye of the most pathetic “president” this nation has ever had and we, much as we despise that KGB rat bastard, can’t blame him. We’d have done the exact same thing and enjoyed the heck out of it.

And every single time that no-brain fuckhead Obumbles issues an empty threat and fails to follow through on it, our entire nation gets knocked down a bit and that makes us unsafe, all of us. To illustrate: Iran? Think they’re going to hesitate firing off a nuke once they have one now that they know that the weak sauce pissant in the White House won’t lift a finger to retaliate?

No, we don’t mind the prospect of Barack Empty Suit being humiliated for the umpteenth time, not one little bit, but we do mind seeing ourselves or our traditional allies going up in nuclear smoke because nobody fears us anymore.

And you should too. So no, we don’t really have a choice here. We have to slap Syria hard. Hopefully not hard enough that al Qaeda in Syria wins, leaving us with yet another Ofuckhead “victory” in the Middle East and all of the fail that will inevitably ensue (see Egypt, Libya and just about everywhere else that the accursed Bastard whore son of a commie and an adulterous polygamist has stuck his comical nose into), but a slap nonetheless.

And we can thank the ProgNazi Democrat Party and all of their mindless voters for that “between a rock and a hard place” fucked up situation.

Believe us, we will. And we won’t forget.


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By Emperor Misha I

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