We don’t know about you, but news like these are at once infuriating and welcome.

Infuriating because few if anybody deserve more respect than our veterans, and welcome because the ProgNazis of Barack the Bastard’s junta are doing everything they can to make sure that they’ll end up on the business end of a gun when the shit hits the fan.

So the IRS, who have suffered absolutely NO consequences of the “phony scandal” of them deliberately suppressing voter turnout in a critical election on their Führer’s orders, unless you call a few months of vacation with pay followed by a promotion “consequences”, and who continue their treasonous, un-Constitutional activities regardless because why not? It’s not like Weepy Bonehead is going to do anything about it (and they’re right, he doesn’t have the balls of a transgendered eunuch mosquito, most likely because he’s in on the scam), is targeting the American Legion for “Special Punishment.”

While continuing to throw hundreds of billions of borrowed Chinese money at their master’s cronies, of course.

Because blend a baby in its mother’s womb and shop vac it out? Perfectly fine. Offer your own life to protect the nation? That’s probably racist.

Just to make sure that you’ve got Barack the mass murdering Bastard’s priorities right.

You leftist Nazis don’t think we’re keeping score? You’re wrong. Lethally wrong.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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