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The Egyptian military’s slaughter of hundreds of protesters Islamic fundamentalist savages on Wednesday leaves the United States with a single clear, albeit difficult, course of action: Condition future aid to Egypt on a series of immediate reforms, and stop providing it if these conditions aren’t satisfied.

Absolutely! Those evil military types’ wanton murder of peaceful fundamentalist members of the Religion of Peaceful Peace (Now With More PEACE™) is so very mean to those peaceful, building-torching, Copt-murdering, woman-raping “protesters.” It must stop, right this instant!

The numbers reported dead in the latest outrage are horrifying:

“Horrifyingly low“, more like.

The Washington Post places the figure at 281, though it’s likely to rise, perhaps dramatically.

Hope springs eternal… Nothing to start your day like the smell of a crispy, toasty Haji-Kebab.

(Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad claims there were over 2,000 deaths.)

Still too low, but encouraging.

Following the ouster of Mohamed Morsi as Egypt’s president,

You misspelled “self-proclaimed dictator for life.”

security forces have engaged in two other mass killings. On July 8, the military killed at least 51 civilians and wounded more than 400 at a Brotherhood protest; and on July 27, security forces killed at least 72 protesters.

Faster, please. And “Brotherhood protest?” Bitch, PLEASE! You’re making it sound like it’s just a friendly gathering of jovial, patriotic dissenters making s’mores and singing “we shall overcome” around a campfire. Try murdering, howling, pisslamic mobs of savages severely pissed off that their little Sharia Now, Sharia Tomorrow, Sharia Forever coup didn’t quite meet with the people of Egypt’s approval.

It wasn’t the Egyptian military who decided, unilaterally, to step in. They merely picked sides when it became clear that Morsi had no intentions of abandoning the pisslamic “democratic” principle of “one vote, ONE TIME” and, more importantly, when it became clear that the vast, crushing majority of the Egyptian people weren’t having any of it either.

Have you NRO clowns already forgotten the tens of millions of Egyptians peacefully protesting in the streets of all major Egyptian cities for weeks? They were what started it, and G-d bless them for it. Then, as it became clear that the usurper Morsi, front man for the al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organization, “the Muslim Brotherhood”, had absolutely no intentions of listening to the vast majority of the people’s righteous demands, the military chose to step in and put an end to the madness.

You would, perhaps, have preferred if they’d have stepped in on Morsi’s side? The strongest military in that region backing a pisslamic fundamentalist and a terrorist organization?

Now THAT would have been a bloodbath of truly epic proportions.

You idiots really need to learn how to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up every once in a while.


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