We’re going to have to link to a secondary source here since the Associated (with terrorists) Press has decided to airbrush the following out of existence (we wonder why?):

Reid said that in addition to agreeing on the spending cut, negotiators had worked out policy disputes, which involve environmental protection, implementing President Barack Obama’s health care law, and regulating the Internet.

But Reid said Democrats are holding the line on a plan to cut off Planned Parenthood from federal money.

“That is an issue, as the president said last night, that we are not bending on,” Reid said.

Just so all of you brave men and women out there not getting paid because of Ogabe’s hatred of you know: The main reason you won’t be able to pay your bills while still being required to work without pay, risking your lives every day, is that Ogabe has decided that using your tax dollars to kill babies is more important than you are.

Not surprising, really, seeing as how Ogabe, on one of the precious few occasions where he didn’t just hide and vote “present” in his past political career, voted against providing care to infants who had somehow managed to survive the best efforts of the National Democrat Socialists’ abortion mills.

“You’re dead, dead, dead, so STAY dead, you annoying little ‘clump of cells’!”, he was heard screaming.

Angry yet? That’s one heck of a commander in chief you’ve got there.

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By Emperor Misha I

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