They just opted out of it.

WASHINGTON, Aug 7 (Reuters) – Congress has won some partial relief for lawmakers and their staffs from the “Obamacare” health reforms that it passed and subjected itself to three years ago.

In a ruling issued on Wednesday, U.S. lawmakers and their staffs will continue to receive a federal contribution toward the health insurance that they must purchase through soon-to-open exchanges created by President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

The decision by the Office of Personnel Management, with Obama’s blessing, will prevent the largely unintended loss of healthcare benefits for 535 members of the Senate and House of Representatives and thousands of Capitol Hill staff.

The rest of you plebes can just go fuck yourselves because Weepy Boner and his fucktoy interns got themselves a big, fat waiver because… They’re betterer than you. Or maybe they’re just not deserving of the glory and wonder that is OgabeCare, so they’re actually punishing themselves by exempting themselves from the rape of our nation’s healthcare industry.

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. As long as you work for FedGovCo. If not, oh well. Get back to work, peasant. Those Cadillac Plans that your betters are enjoying under their Get Out of Rationing and Death Panels Free™ cards that they just printed for themselves will cost money, you know, so go earn some taxes for them!

No wonder that they don’t feel any particular urge to defund something that they won’t be affected by in the littlest bit, thanks to themselves. Obviously they did manage to find time in their busy schedule of fucking underage interns and accepting bribes to vote themselves out of the hell that 80% of American voters don’t want any part of.

It must be so nice to be part of the nomenklatura.

Well played, Weepy Boner, McCockhead et al, well played indeed.

Please, al Qaeda, if you want to make up for 9/11, nuke Washington DC. We solemnly swear that we will forgive any and all past transgressions if you do so. Just be sure to do so while they’re all in session, which only happens on about two days out of a year’s 365, so we realize that it’ll be a bit difficult.


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By Emperor Misha I

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