Did you just do a double take and mumble to yourself “Oh Shit, he didn’t just use that word.” If you did, why? Why has that word become more taboo than “fuck”. I bet most of you don’t wince at all when you see a curse word, or even use one in an appropriate setting. So why is everyone so terrified of this word? If you call a black man a nigger you will immediately be branded a racist, regardless the context or justification for doing so. If you even use the word, in any context at all, you are a racist. The label racist has become so bastardized and overused it’s about as meaningful as a politician’s smile. If any word should be ostracized, it’s that one.

Here’s the thing, any excuse that a race monger can come up with to make the use of the word nigger a death sentence is made completely moot by the fact that every other word out of their very own mouths is nigger, or the more ebonically correct nigga.

“But, but, African-Americans were slaves and we have to self-flagellate to make it up to them. We have to be sensitive to their suffering.” Bullshit. There ain’t a single race or ethnicity in the world that hasn’t been, and owned, slaves at some point in their history. What the progs are really saying is “The poor niggers aren’t strong enough to bear an insult so we have to ban certain words to keep from hurting their feelings.” It’s the same plantation mindset which belays the true racism of liberalism, the belief that blacks are not as good as other races, that they can’t make it on their own without Massa’s help. The poor darkies need to be kept on the plantation so that their betters can decide what’s best for them. They’re just not smart enough to think for themselves don’t you see, so we’ll do it for them. They’re skin is too thin to be called a name, so we’ll ban it, except for them of course.  And to make sure that they stay where we tell them, and think (and vote) the way we want, we’ll segregate them by making them a special, hyphenated, protected class of citizen. That’s the underlying racist truth of the liberal attitude towards blacks.

People who dare to think that a black man should be considered an equal human, free to succeed or fail based on their own merits the same as everyone else, whose strong enough to face up to an insult, are labeled racists by the very people who say that blacks are inferior and incapable of succeeding on their own. They shall be brow beaten into silence. Words shall be banned, thoughts censored, and whites fired or censured for daring to violate the PC New Speak that the Progs demand.

Dr. King rightfully believed that men, all men, should be judged based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. At the time he wanted blacks to be able to succeed on their merits, not held back by their race. We’ve made absolutely no progress at all. Blacks are still considered inferior, incapable of prospering the same as every other race has been allowed to do. They are kept in a virtual slavery of government dependency and ignorance by the new massas, the left. But yet someone who says nigger, not even calling a black person nigger, just daring to say the entire word in any context at all, is a racist. Even to the absurd extent where a black, liberal college professor is called on the carpet for using the word niggardly. It has reached the point where the whole concept of race relations, and the people who claim to be “civil rights”  activists, are the true, original definition of nigger, ignorant.

Guess what race hucksters, every single ethnic and racial demographic in this nation have had pejorative epithets. Gook, slope, spic, mick, kike, kraut, frog, papist, wop, I could go on but I think you get the point. Difference is that these groups weren’t forced to self-segregate and wallow in aggrieved status. Yet that is what you demand of blacks now. Why?

I have broken the most vile of taboos and used the dreaded “N-word”. Am I a racist because of a word, regardless of the context it is used in? Or am I a racist because I dare to judge a man based on their actions and merits, and not their melanin content? Am I a racist because I disapprove of the hood rat, thug lifestyle that breeds contempt, hatred, and violence? Is my whole life, my whole being, to be judged because of one word?

And if I am to be labeled a racist for saying nigger, and the word itself should be banned, what about the concept of free speech and freedom of expression? Is a man not free to believe as he chooses, even if that belief is racist? Do we not honor a person’s right to believe what he believes, even if we disagree? I don’t mind that progs have the racist opinions of blacks that they do, it’s their right. I do however have a problem when they use that belief to subjugate an entire race of people while crying crocodile tears about the “plight of the African-American”, and then accuse anyone who disagrees with their pseudo maleficence of the very “thought crime” they themselves are guilty of.

Would I be less of a racist if I excused every violent thugs behavior just because they’re black and were “profiled”? Or if I promised them free stuff from someone else? Or used a different set of standards to define “justice” just because someone is black?

Who are the real racists; me for using the word nigger, or the race hucksters who make a living off of keeping blacks perpetually outraged and dependent?

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By LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E.

Former USMC infantryman, proud father of a current USMC infantryman and two Princesses who know what that means. Currently an NRA law enforcement firearms instructor, radar instructor, CPR instructor, a few others but you get the point. Catholic, conservative, heterosexual, gun owner, anything I can do to piss off liberals.

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