This is the face of Amnesty that your Democrat and Republican elected officials want to shove down your throat. Remember it.

19 Year old illegal sexually assaults and murders 93 year old woman in Omaha

Make sure you Watch the video, it’s important – the print article makes NO mention of his status as an illegal – and the live reporter quickly mentions it – but you almost get the feeling that you’d damn near have to hold a gun to the reporter’s head to get him to admit this fucking asshole was a border busting illegal hooligan.

One of the most glaring and fucking nonsensical arguments the pro amnesty crowd owns in the ongoing debates in this era is the tired rhetoric of “If it saves one child’s life – then guns should be banned” – But then they turn right around and champion open borders – and willingly allow animals like Sergio Martinez-Perez to roam at will. The rank hypocrisy is enough to choke a mule.

What about a 93 year old grandmothers life? I guess that’s not as important?  What, doesn’t have the same value as some fucking minority demographic that can be showered with other peoples money and thus become a reliable vote?

This animal raped and killed a 93 year old woman. In her home, in the same home she has lived in since WWII. I guess there is not much in the way of a defense here seeing as the elderly woman’s family caught him red fucking handed.

How could this happen?!?!? we cry…I’ll tell you how it happened. He was able to do it because of our feckless and irresponsible elected whores Like Obama, Durbin,  Corker, Rubio and their god damn pathetic pandering to all things “Hispanic” allowed him to do it.

“But it’s only one case” Cry the pro Amnesty lemmings, “you can’t judge all Illegal Mexicans  and Hispanics by one man!!” Fuck you. I can. I will. Because it’s not one man. It’s thousands of these fucking sub human bastards. Rape, Murder, Theft, Turning cars into guided missiles drunk out of their minds  and  mowing down Americans by the dozen….Gang bangers ….90 % by some accounts of MS-13 are ILLEGAL. And it goes on and on and on.

Liberals like Obama and his lemming scream bloody murder about a 17 year thug getting his due when he attacks and tries to kill a citizen – they claim it “senseless” and “preventible”, Let’s talk about senseless and preventible then… 93 Year old woman would be still sewing PJ’s for her grand kids if Perez was sitting his sorry ass in the shit hole known as Mexico…how’s that for senseless and preventible  you fucking pricks?

Fact of the matter is…Perez sauntered across the border 4 fucking months ago, like he was taking a stroll on a nice sunny spring day in Central Park ….and now a 93 year old American Grandmother lies dead because of him. Because of Obama, Rubio, McCain, Corker, Durbin and every fucking liberal progressive cretin and pragmatic conservative that sides with them and demands Amnesty.

Come on Obama you fucking racist bag of shit…let’s hear you open your puss filled canker ridden fucking yap and decry the injustice of this “White-Hispanic” killing a white woman, you fucking rancid piece of dog vomit….Jesse Jackson- Al Sharpton?  Well?!?!? Let’s hear it….I’m waiting.

And you people want to take my guns? My last line if defense against the hoards of illegals …Then turn knuckle dragging soulless savages like Perez loose on my country at the same time via a get out of jail card free ?…I don’t fucking think so skippy….you best pack a god damn big lunch because it’s gonna be a long fucking day at the office – and I god damn GUR-AN-TEE you… I’m taking as many of you Nazi fuck wannabe bitches with me as I can…Cold Dead Hands mother fuckers…




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