I don’t even really know where to start ….

According to a CBS Affiliate in Boston, A NYC City Woman, Audrea Gause – is being charged with attempting to defraud the Boston Bombing Fund out of a cool Half a Million…. H/T to “Mr. Conservative

Sadly, she damn near got away with it …. according to the video, had it not been for a “friend” on FaceBook that called her out and tipped off the authorities, she would have walked away with almost half a million dollars, and in fact had already given some 380,000 dollars to a contractor to…. build a house.

For the rest of us that worked 60-70 hours a week with out end, doing without, trying to get that 20% down for our castles and selling our souls to the banks to do it…I guess we’re just suckers, who needs a loan when you can just “get paid” using a few forged pieces of paper and scam your way into half a million dollars on the backs of the victims of a terrorist attack?

She did this on the backs of the same victims… that I’d hazard a guess – will now face such things as loosing homes, due to injuries they sustained and being no longer able to work and afford to keep them.

Despicable, immoral, subhuman, sewer rat….with apologies to sewer rats everywhere…. she’s not even worthy of being classified as “human” ….I simply can’t come up with the correct terms for the loathing I feel for this cretin and her actions….there are none. But by all mean LC’s..the colorful invective here at the Rott is second to none so…’ave at it.

Poster child for a good old fashioned lynching is about all I can come up with here,  failing that – put her ass in prison for the rest of her fucking natural life – in male population sans locks on her cell door…



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