All’s I can say is she’s lucky it wasn’t me.

Faced with the aggressive in your face attitude this woman displayed – depending on my own mood at the moment she might have been met with one of three or maybe four responses.

An Apology – Highly unlikely, but sometimes it’s simply not even worth it to engage with subhuman madcow cunts like her.

A firm foot on the Gas Pedal – followed by a cupped ear and shouting – “What? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you – What were you saying”?

A good hard look at the great beyond via the tunnel of the barrel of a .45  ….

A Crushed Prius.

Seriously though, these sanctimonious people like her are just off the reservation here, my immediate thought and the adjective that came to mind is “feral”, this woman is displaying every sub human trait a feral animal does when protecting it’s turf.

As a former Cumming Diesel owner I’m a stalwart proponent of the newer diesel technology the automakers are putting out. There’s a reason Diesels are so popular over the pond in Europe – they’re more efficient than gasoline.

For example, A 6.7 L (409 Cubic Inch) In line 6 cylinder diesel that sets down 350 HP and a staggering 680 Ft Lbs of grunt ? And if driven in a modest manner will net 22+ MPG on the highway in a 7600 Lb truck – really what’s not to like? I know it will do this because I did it, many times. All the while putting out less emissions than many gas powered engines of the same capacity  thanks to the new catalyst systems being employed. Pound for Pound that same 6.7 L diesel is orders of magnitude more efficient (read Environmental friendly) than her beloved Prius.

But you can’t explain things like this to people like her – she’s drank the Enviro-Mental Kool-aide in great quaffing gallon swallows…it’s a waste of time, so if she’s going to damn me for driving the vehicle of my choosing – I figure hell, let’s have some fun with the obese cow while we’re at it eh?

Our feral cow says :

I came over here because it was quiet – there was no body here….

And your point would be? Just as a thought, it may not have occurred to you, but there is probably a reason there was no body here…You. Ugly, saggy tits,  Enviro-MENTAL-ist Sanctimonious cunt-muffin sows tend to drive decent rational folk off…jus’ sayin’.

And you come up here with your gas guzzling piece of shit….

Gas guzzling –  My truck doesn’t use a drop of gas… It’s a diesel….but you wouldn’t be able to figure that out now would you..

Piece of shit? The inner door handle and quick glimpse of the steering wheel in this video leads me to believe this is a GMC Sierra, with a diesel it has to at least be a 2500 Model maybe a 3500. With the wood trim on the door handle at least a mid level trim package. Priced one of those lately ? They run a cool starting price of around the high 40’s – go into a top of the line Denali package with all the bells and whistles, you’re driving a 65,000.00 dollar vehicle. I’m thinking that doesn’t quite qualify as a member of the “piece of shit” club.

And the exhaust is spewing everywhere

Attention Students – Diesel theory 101 is now in session … If in fact this is a late Model GMC as I expect with the 6.6 L V8 Diesel…

That vehicle has a special little reservoir under the hood…any guesses as to what goes into that reservoir? DEF – Or Diesel Exhaust Fluid. And what does this DEF do? It creates a chemical reaction with the spent diesel fuel at the Catalyst and emits – H20 and N2 – Or Water and Nitrogen for those of us that are somewhat periodic tables challenged  ….but our feral cow doesn’t understand such technology, she’s only concerned with the feelings…a big truck is automatically “bad for the environment” and her beloved Prius “Good” because- because Obama and the Sierra Club said so that’s why !!1!!11!!! Shut up Racist!

We’ll ignore the whole engine at idle thing here – meaning in park it’s chugging along at a mere 600 rpms – and the exhaust pressure exiting that tail pipe is apt to be in the almost Zero psi category. So much for “spewing”.

Then she tells Momma to “shut the fuck up”. After being warned to not curse in front of her children ….Stay classy Envir-MENTAL-ist hag – Stay Classy….

And when Mamma get’s a bit irritated and tells her to carry her ass someplace else….in the standard “I’m a big fat pig and I’ll sit on you” mind set she retorts with

You better step back !!

BWhahahaha Oh Really?!?! …every heard the old saying “Don’t poke sticks at a rattlesnake” you bovine mental midget? No? I guess not, because you’ve just done it. My Money is on Momma….hell hath no fury as a Mother protecting her brood…. you keep on with yo’ bad self…..I double dog dare you, because she’s gonna stomp you into a puddle if you keep on ….but by all means….do please continue. I do so love me a good curb stomping now and then.

I’m just asking you to be pleasant and courteous

You are are you? How is that exactly? By charging out of your Enviro-MENTAL-ist inspired death trap called a Prius like a rabid buffalo with a red hot poker shoved up it’s ass? Really? Here’s a dictionary – look up the word “pleasant “….it might help if you had a fucking clue of what it meant before your drooling maw utters such lofty ideals….

There’s the exhaust pipe ! The wind is blowing that direction !”

Glad to see you can name parts of vehicle – now do me a favor and go ahead and suck on that exhaust pipe will you? It might improve your lousy disposition. Failing that it just might rid the world of one more Enviro-MENTAL- ist twat …win – win.

Is that your right to make that much God damn pollution ?

Arguments of the efficiency of modern day diesel technology aside – Last I looked – Yes. No laws against driving a diesel powered vehicle, or parking it, or letting it idle ….But rights to you obviously mean a whole different thing. In fact you stupid bob-bon and Taco-bell, huffing cow – the driver pays through his nose for those “rights” – every fucking time he fills his tank. Little factoid – Federal Excise tax on gasoline? 18 Cents. Federal Excise tax on Diesel . 35 cents. Almost double. If my suspicions are correct and this is a late model GMC or Chevrolet Diesel – he’s also paying for the DEF to keep the reservoir filled. In fact if it runs dry? The truck will go into “limp mode” and left too long, shut down entirely triggering a costly trip to the dealership. All in the guise of “environmental protections” of course.

You’re laughing because your mindless and you’re ignorant because you have no care about anybody but yourself

Mindless and ignorant is it? Well, back to a pure dollar and cents argument I suppose – the ‘mindless and ignorant” generally don’t achieve much in life. They especially don’t achieve enough to afford a 65K Dollar vehicle and all it takes to keep that rig running… but hey ya know it’s like the old saying – opinions are like assholes – everyone’s’ got one. You seem to have been blessed with two – the one tucked inside your cellulite filled obese ass cheeks and the one “spewing” your ridiculous insanity 2 inches below your nose…

At 1:12 as far as I am concerned this woman has become a threat, she is inside my space, pause the video, every indicator is there – she’s acting in a feral manner, teeth bared, hands clenched  and she is advancing – at this point my reactions are liable to be somewhat unpleasant for her. I give this guy a great deal of respect for the restraint he is showing.

It continues on a bit before the video ends, and then she actually circles back and  proceeds to come around the blind side of the guys wife…Oh hell no – at this point I am out of the truck and chances are she’s going to find herself in a very very precarious situation. Her actions say threat – 100% . It’d be time to eliminate that threat – one way or the other.

This is the face of the Enviro-Mental-ist. This is the threat. Learn it well, because they ain’t about to back down now, not when the Communist Obama admin and the Eco Nazi’s in the EPA are backing them lock,stock and barrel – and by all means – when one gets in your face like this one did……respond, address that threat as needed. Restraint or violence – your call.



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