Because the race riots that the OgabeMedia have been begging for, inciting and building a case for are about to hit as the ludicrous travesty of justice that is the “case” against George Zimmerman is about to reach the end with the defense making their case.

Frankly, we don’t know why they’re even bothering, as at this point the prosecution, led by that opportunist, racist, corrupt, incompetent syphilitic whore Angela Corey, all but demolished their own case by presenting witness after witness testifying in favor of the defendant. Which they pretty much had to do or put themselves in danger of perjury charges as the criminal, swinish slut Corey never had a case.

Pro-tip: When your “star witness” drag queen blobzilla “girlfriend” of the decedent turns out to be an illiterate slob guilty of perjury even before she takes the stand, your “case” isn’t doing to well.

So we have two choices here: Either the Florida Justice System decides to adopt quote marks around the word “Justice” and sends a completely innocent man to jail, or the howling hyena mob of the OgabeMedia have their way and get the riots that they’re now positively begging for.

[Sanford Police Chief] SMITH: I believe we have plans that will be able to deal with issues as they arise.

[OgabeMedia Hyena Tool] ABRAMS: I assume the worst-case scenario, then, would be riots?

Because, when you’re the U.S. OgabeMedia who have been constantly declaring Zimmerman guilty without the benefit of a trial since this whole thing started, who have been creatively editing audio to portray the defendant as a racist, murderous psychopath “white Hispanic” (who, by the way, is part black, but don’t let that disturb Teh Holy Narrative™), then your last chance of vindication when your “case” falls apart in an actual court of law is to at least hope for murderous rampages by the poor fools who made the mistake of believing a word you ever said so you’ll have something that bleeds so it can lead tomorrow’s headlines.

Despicable swine.

Rope. Tree. Journalist.
Some assembly required.

We want to say this again: There would have been no show trial of innocent citizen Zimmerman if it hadn’t been for the OgabeMedia ginning up a howl of outrage from their easily manipulable viewers, if it hadn’t been for their misrepresentation of facts, if it hadn’t been for their imaginary boyfriend Ogabe inserting himself in the case, and if it hadn’t been for their constant fanning the fires.

If it hadn’t been for them continuously, with malice aforethought, failing to report the facts and falsifying the few facts they had to report in order to make them fit their manufactured guilty verdict, if they had actually done their jobs and just reported the facts as they became known, every single soul not living under a rock would now know that Zimmerman is guilty of nothing more than self-defense, nothing more than trying to keep himself getting murdered by a sick, deranged individual pinning him down and ground pounding him MMA style.

And, as a result, when the “not guilty” verdict is passed as it must under the rule of law, there would be no riots. There would be not deaths, no destruction of property, no senseless and unnecessary violence.

If the Socialist OgabeMedia had just done their jobs as reporters, which is to report.

But they didn’t, so there will be riots.

And every single drop of blood, every cent’s worth of property destroyed, all of that will be on the Socialist OgabeMedia’s conscience. THEY built that.

Keep that in mind in the aftermath should you, inadvertently, run into a member of the “press.” They own that, every single last bit of it, because if they hadn’t done what they did, none of it, NONE OF IT, would have happened.

Then act accordingly.

Nuremberg would be too kind for them.

“But why, why would they do that?”

Because they hate the 2nd Amendment, they absolutely abhor the mere thought that you and I, American Citizens, have the power to defend ourselves against the Utopia of Next Tuesday™ that they’ve been salivating about ever since they crawled out of their red diapers. They know that the brass ring that they now see within reach, thanks to their Messiah and the Democrat Socialist Party, will never be reachable if Americans retain the right to stop tyranny by force if needed.

In this case, it’s the Stand Your Ground laws of Florida (which, ironically enough, aren’t even applicable in this case as the defendant had no opportunity to retreat), something they, the Socialist OgabeMedia, have constantly preached would lead to vigilantism and rivers running knee-deep in blood, something that has never, not once, come to pass despite their dire predictions.

If you can’t find any actual cases of it, then you make one up. Even if it ends up causing the deaths of hundreds of innocents. You’ll just use those deaths to further your “argument.” Socialists don’t care, something we’ve been trying, and trying, and trying to teach the morons here since we have some actual experience with their complete and utter lack of humanity. And we’ll keep preaching it no matter how much it continues to be ignored.

So if Stand Your Ground fails to lead to mass violence, then the Socialist OgabeMedia will do their damndest to make it happen.

We say that again to emphasize that the coming unrest is not an accident. It is very much intentional. And the Socialist OgabeMedia created it.

Just like it was no “accident” that Fast and Furious was wholly ignored by the Socialist OgabeMedia until New Media made it big enough that it couldn’t be ignored. It wasn’t “just” because they didn’t want to embarrass the Socialist Halfrican Extremist in the White House by reporting on his willful, knowing export of automatic weapons to Mexican drug lords, it was also because they knew full well that he did it because the Democrat Socialist Meme of the U.S. as the arsenal of foreign murderers wasn’t working, so he got his Federal Goons to do the job that law-abiding American gun sellers just wouldn’t do.

It is also no “accident” that the Socialist OgabeMedia have jumped to conclusions, without a single exception, when it came to nutjobs gunning down innocents, proclaiming every single incident as “yet another example of right wing extremist gun nut culture” until they were proven wrong. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

You can be wrong once or twice and admit you jumped the gun (pun intended), but you can’t be wrong every single time, making no official, public admission of fault, and claim it wasn’t deliberate.

They’re socialists, but they’re not stupid. They know full well that their goal of a tyrannical government that controls your every move is unobtainable without first disarming the silly slaves who don’t know what’s good for them. They have read their history books and they know this, so they will do everything to further that cause.


I say this again as somebody who has actually watched that movie and know where it ends.

The only thing they’re doing wrong is that they’re too bloody obvious about it, they’re like kids who’ve found the keys to the liquor cabinet, yet I’m still faced with blithering idiots who mindlessly mutter “it could never happen here.”

Sure. It couldn’t happen in Germany either, and I would like to point out that the Germany that it actually did happen in was vastly more educated than the sorry mess that this country has been turned into by socialist teachers, socialist teachers’ unions etc., an “education” system that churns out “graduates” that wouldn’t pass the entrance exams of the schools I’m familiar with from my upbringing without handing out the most incredibly amazing blowjobs known to mankind. Our education system, once the envy of the world, now produces college graduates who can’t even fucking spell.

But it still happened.

Wake up, America!

I don’t want to be the lone fool whose only consolation is telling every passer by that I fucking well told you morons so.

And, for the love of G-d, the next time you see a member of the “press”, punch them in the face, kick them in the groin, then piss on their whimpering selves.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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