Continuing his perfect track record of spreading pisslamofascism across the Middle East, president Clusterfark Ogabe continues to push for assisting his pisslamist fundamentalists in turning Syria into a hellhole inhabited by subhuman, savage beasts. We already heard about how his noble, freedom-loving allies are cannibals, cutting the hearts of their enemies out and eating them, and now we learn that they’ve taken up the age old pisslamic tradition of sawing off the heads of defenseless old men.


If you did click it anyway, please note how the savage, howling koranimals crowd around the slow murder of father Murad, eager to capture some footage of the bloody massacre.

Heckuva job, Barry the Molester! No wonder you got that Peace Prize.

Elsewhere, we learn that the Ogabe-installed pisslamic fundamentalist Morsi regime in Egypt, yet another astounding success of Ogabe’s Promote Savagery in the Middle East Tour™, is apparently not all that popular with the Egyptian people, who have to deal with the consequences of resident Ogabe’s malignant narcissism. They took to the streets (but this is obviously not the Arab Street™ that he likes to talk about) to the tune of 17,000,000 protesters. A number which, at the “news organization” known as “NBC”, was reported as “tens of thousands.”

And Libya? Oh, let’s not talk about that again, shall we?

So we ask you again, in case some “but he’s just a well-intentioned man in over his head”niks of the “Pragmatist GOP” are reading: If Ogabe was deliberately trying to turn the entire Middle East into a pisslamic cesspool of endless, medieval barbarism, what exactly would he be doing differently from what he’s already doing now?

Anybody? Bueller? Helloooo???


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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