So what else do we find in the Immigration Bill that known traitor and liar Marco Rubio collaborated with the enemy to push through?

Oh, that’s right, a provision that makes it financially insane for companies to NOT hire illegal immigrants instead of American citizens.

The “deal” being that since Marco Rubio’s newly minted “not quite citizens but still eligible for citizenship” criminals aren’t covered by the ObamaCare requirement costing $5,000 per employee not offered Healthcare, firing Joe and hiring Manuel the DUI fuckhead who murdered your family but is now, thanks to Marco Benedict Rubio, eligible for citizenship in return for nothing at all (unless you really believe that future Congresses are going to follow through on their “pay you next week for a hamburger today” promise), will save the company $5,000.

Heckuva job, Marco!

Not only did your act of treason and perjury to the people you conned into voting for you make sure that already struggling poor families will have to compete with low-wage slave labor for the few jobs that are left for them, you created an incentive for the few companies left hiring them to fire their arses and hire a bunch of Marco’s slaves instead.

We can’t help but wonder just what the fuck it is that Ogabe’s NSA has on you that compelled you to betray every single person who ever donated a cent to your campaign based on your lies.

And now you’re out there whining about how it’s been so very hard for you to hear the people who voted for you because of your lies telling you to go fuck yourself.

Cry us a river. Then go fucking die. In a fire. You subhuman, dishonorable piece of shit.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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