Which we can’t really work ourselves up enough to comment much upon.

We mean, when the initial results of an election fall well within the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party’s margin of fraud, did you really expect something other than the subsequent “absentee ballot count” and “recount”, not to mention the count of ballots mysteriously turning up in the trunks of various cars breaking “unexpectedly” in the liberal fascist candidate’s favor?

Did you?


Angry yet?

If not, just what will it take, exactly?

Because we’re dying to know, and so is our Republic. Well, our Republic is just dying, but you get the drift. I suppose she’d just like to know, before she draws her last breath, just what it was that kept you from saving her.


Official WTF? #WINNING! UPDATE: Thanks to LCs in the comments thread too many to mention who didn’t turn away from this debacle in disgust, but rather stuck it out until THIS broke:

In one explosive stroke Thursday, the clerk in a Republican stronghold tilted the tight Supreme Court race in favor of Justice David Prosser by recovering thousands of untallied votes for the incumbent.

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said Thursday that she failed to save on her computer and then report 14,315 votes in the city of Brookfield, omitting them entirely in an unofficial total she released after Tuesday’s election. With other smaller errors in Waukesha County, Prosser gained 7,582 votes over his challenger, JoAnne Kloppenburg, leaving the sitting justice significantly ahead for now amid ongoing official counting.

And no, this is not the same as “finding” a ballot box stuffed full of liberal votes in a van covered in SEIU stickers parked outside a whorehouse, because it’s pretty damn easy to check if an entire city was missed in the original count or not. But you can rest assured that Kotzenburger’s Kohorts of lawyers will be claiming just that shortly.

You know what just struck us about this whole situation?

Letting the liberal fascists do their usual tricks of coming up with enough dead voters and fraudulent ballots frantically filled in at the local Kinko’s to eke out a narrow “win” and THEN dropping the hammer after the fascist swine have had ample time to gloat over their “victory”…

Almost makes you wish it were deliberate, because that would be a thing of friggin’ beauty.

Still, if you think this is over, you’d be dead wrong. It’s going to be a busy few days for Kinko’s.


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By Emperor Misha I

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