And, as always, nobody understands that better than the liberal fascists of KKKalifornikate.

HAYWARD — An elementary school will hold a toy gun exchange Saturday, offering students a book and a chance to win a bicycle if they turn in their play weapons.

Strobridge Elementary Principal Charles Hill maintains that children who play with toy guns may not take real guns seriously.

“Playing with toys guns, saying ‘I’m going to shoot you,’ desensitizes them, so as they get older, it’s easier for them to use a real gun,” Hill said.

As proven by the millions of my “cowboys and Indians”-playing generation who went on to murder hundreds of millions later on with six shooters and bows and arrows. Oh wait, that never happened.

I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret, you puling twat: What really “desensitized” me was the military. They taught me how to think of anything in front of my weapon as a target and a target only. Of course, they also helpfully, for very good reasons, programmed a failsafe into me and millions like me making it well nigh impossible to “switch off” unless we had a really good, legitimate reason. Otherwise it would be impossible to ever let us back into society.

You and your fellow fascists are beginning to look like a good, legitimate reason to a lot of us. Ponder that, you fuckwit. You wouldn’t like it if tens of millions of carefully honed, programmed killing machines suddenly had their failsafes disengaged and started embracing The Machine™* wholeheartedly. Trust me, you wouldn’t.

But you’re really pushing it at this point. Just thought we’d let you know.

Of course, you’re also full of shit. The Imperial Heirs do not merely play with toy guns, they also own real guns, and it has most certainly not turned them into “desensitized killing machines.” Quite to the contrary, which was a major part of the reason for getting them real guns. If you do expose your kids to guns and teach them what guns are and what they aren’t and teach them responsibility and gun safety until they can recite the rules in their sleep, then you’ll never need worry about them again. We taught ours at 5. They’ve never since touched a firearm without adult permission and supervision and drew many admiring glances when they, at the age of 6, were finally allowed to take their rifles to the range and shoot them. Not because it was “cool” for 6-year-olds to fire rifles, but because they impressed the snot out of the old gun nuts and nutettes at the range by their religious adherence to gun safety and proficiency with their weapons.

One particular moment sticks out in my memory: I was supervising one while the other was waiting his turn and, after having gone through loading and getting a good sight picture, got a bit distracted by somebody on the neighboring lane with a pretty as fuck six shooter. Five minutes or so later, I look down at my Heir and notice that he’s still in a shooting position, on target, finger outside the trigger guard and not doing a thing.

“Why haven’t you fired yet?”, I asked.

“You hadn’t given me the ‘you may fire when ready’, Dad”, he answered, cool as a cucumber. And I knew that he was positively about to crawl out of his skin to pull that trigger. For months and months he and his brother had been drilling safety, muzzle safety, field stripping, cleaning, more safety with their rifles and they had been dying for this day when they’d finally, for the first time, get to pull that trigger and let real lead fly towards a real target. But none of that mattered because he hadn’t been given the all clear. He’d be there still if I’d left the range without him, cartridge still in the chamber.

That’s what teaching your kids and exposing them to firearms gets you.

Of course, principal Fuckwit, you already know all of that. It has nothing to do with “not desensitizing children to gun violence” and everything to do with conditioning them to fear firearms and to accept that they’re not good enough to wield one, that they’re unworthy, that they can’t be trusted to display common sense and that only their “betters”, those anointed by the Almighty State, can be allowed to exercise that power.

Just like when a 5 year old was apprehended on a school bus, dragged away from the bus and interrogated in a closed room for hours until he fucking wet his pants with fear because he’d had the nerve, the nerve to show one of his friends an orange-capped toy gun.

That’s the sort of treatment we, back in the day, reserved for future commie prisoners of war. At the time we were a bit ambivalent about being allowed to do such a thing but now, seeing how the communists in this nation are acting, we no longer are. They shouldn’t just be pissing their pants, they should be pissing blood.

Was anybody in danger in that bus? No. Would any sentient life form even think they were in danger from a clearly orange capped TOY FUCKING GUN??? No.

Yet you liberal ProgNazi fascist fuckheaded scum sons of whore useless swine still thought it sufficient reason to psychologically terrorize a five year old kid until he fucking pissed his fucking pants.


I cannot, no matter HOW fucking hard I try, think up ways of ridding this planet of scum like yourselves gruesome and painful enough that I’d consider it overreacting.

Still not getting it, ProgNazis?

Remember The Machine™ and The Switch™ that I was talking about earlier? Those things that all soldiers have and know and, at least as far as every single one of the brothers that I know goes, we fear like the Devil? That switch that turns off all emotions and renders us positively reptilian temporarily? There’s an old “joke” about a sniper who was once given a hypothetical scenario: “Your unit has been shelled by mortars all day long and many of your brothers have been killed and injured as a result. You finally get the spotter in your scope. Right there, in the middle of your crosshairs. As you look closer, you realize that he can’t be more than 12 years old, max. What do you feel?”

Answer? “Recoil.”

Are you getting it NOW?

As I read that article, I felt my subconscious reach for that switch, and I’m fucking afraid of it! Afraid of that damn switch in ways that you can only know if you’ve ever, even for the briefest of moments, found yourself in that “zone” where you literally, honestly, truly, unconditionally don’t. give. one. solitary. fuck. The single most horrifying emotion, or rather complete absence thereof, that I know. Yet as I read how those evil fucks terrorized that poor little innocent child, I felt that switch calling out for me and I have to be honest: I kinda liked the sound of that call at the moment.

Can you hear us NOW?

Back off, you fuckwits, or you WILL be sorry.

ProgNazi Liberal Fascist wastes of skin.


(*My eternal gratitude to Dok Russia for identifying The Machine™ for me. I wish I could find a link to the post in which he described how he found it and named it in himself so I could properly credit him not just with the term, but also and much more importantly, with identifying that beast and making me gaze upon it and accept its existence within me as in all other vets. I didn’t like what I saw, it fucking terrified me, but it helped me put my finger on something that I knew had changed in me in the service, something that made me feel “different” but I didn’t know what the hell it was, and that’s scary. Reading that post, seeing him describing just exactly what it was helped me to not only come to terms with it but also to realize that I wasn’t, after all, “different”, it was just part of the program. I owe him for that.)

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