I caught a good read over at the American Thinker entitled: Exploiting Nathan Dunlap. The author’s line of reasoning is very sound and evoked a similar thought process in my own bean.

We see almost daily, more willingness of the Ogabe Administration to place matters rightfully the jurisdiction the legislative branch into the hands of bureaucrats, sycophants and of course, his personal stooges such as Holder, Napolitano, Carney-Barker, et al. Our standard low-information voter will not be made to understand the true danger here. That we can replace an administration and will in the ballot box, we can’t change to the institutional legacy mindset of Congress that is the real danger here. Congress is massively delinquent in the their responsibilities as the elected branch of government. They increasingly chose allowing Obama to make extra-constitutional decisions because it’s politically safe for them. They know that we’re making steady progress in engaging our fellow citizens as the usurpation of powers in the all-out headlong rush to subvert capitalism into socialism continues. The proggies know full well that they are well past the point-of-no-return in their efforts to radicalize the Republic and they are rapidly approaching the time where they will be fully exposed to the awakening public and the game will be over. Likely status quo, but doubtfully status quo ante, will prevail with a generation of work to do (if we have the will) to return the Republic to some resemblance of it’s intended structure.

Apathy I believe, lies at the root of what I’m trying to process here. Are we truly at the point where it’s ‘just as easy’ to allow someone else to make the tough decisions for us? I’ve expressed frustrations on these pages in the past with the “politicians are all the same, so it doesn’t matter” folks that refuse to vote because they ‘feel’ their input into the process has no real meaning. Unfortunately here, they are becoming increasingly correct and we’re becoming more wrong.

If the only means of governance truly in our hands, our elected branches, are allowed to keep their jobs while socialistic tyranny’s ball-carriers run over, around and through them, then this great experiment has failed. It’s the last of the constitutionally provided checks of an over reaching government under control of the people. The courts have utterly failed us, and as long as the legacy media is dominated by ideologues, the executive branch has no real employer to answer before, other than opinion polls in their reelection plans and even they don’t seem to matter to this administration. Obama has nothing to lose and his cause, Marxism and Statism has everything to gain.

Should we avoid the increasingly doubtful revolution, it will be necessary to massively decrease the federal authority over the states. If we wish to continue under what I believe a document as perfect as the hand of man, inspired by G-d created, the Constitution, we need to envision all that has happened in the past to allow us to get to this cross roads of freedom. We must have stronger state and local governments, that provide the only reasonable means to address the citizenry’s issues from an understood and seen local perspective. We have to vigorously oppose this one-size-fits-all concept of humans that is so essential to Marxist theory.

I think we need to take a very, very, VERY serious look at repealing the 17th Amendment. This in my opinion, started us on the pathway we are today. The 17th effectively sawed a leg off the concept of bicameralism. The founders saw the Senate as an American analogue to the British House of Lords. It was thought that by having the Senate representing a distinctly different constituency, it would provide a better balance to the populist nature of the more democratically elected House. Not that Senators wouldn’t be subject to all of the same flaws of human nature as their congressional brethren, but they were seen as potentially being a bit more grounded and deliberative, having a different perspective and more homogenous state-level constituency.

I see the popular election of the Senate as another loss of the brakes on the “Bread and Circuses” mentality. As has been said before when Peter figures out he can vote to rob Paul of the fruits of his own private labor, any, all and every assorted mischief imaginable will result. Not may, but WILL, it’s only a matter of time and the ideology of the left ensures that Ben Franklin’s admonishment of not making someone too comfortable in their poverty is lost. They’ve turned our cultural mores upside down. We’re well into the 3rd generation of permanent dependency on government largesse and not only the stigma is gone, but many take pride in ‘working the system’ for every penny of their neighbor’s labors. After all “Obama’s gotta ‘stash” doesn’t he?

We need to revisit term-limits as every bit as dangerous to the republican form of government as well. Rarely do we see a fresh face being sent to work for us inside the Beltway, that doesn’t sooner or later, succumb to ‘Swamp Fever’. The pull of power, prestige and privilege that we’ve allowed to grow inside the federal government are just too much for most humans. Our only solution is to let them serve us for a reasonable period of time, then let them get back to being an ordinary citizen. Being the Draconian bastard I can, I would propose a sweeping reform limiting ALL elected public service. Without that caveat we’ll face the pols running through revolving doors between administrations, moving back and forth from the state to the federal service and no real change in the way we govern, as the political class never has to ‘go home’ and face his employers. With an absolutely inviolable, iron-clad bitch of a term limits law in place, we instantly destroy the permanent political “class” and ultimately end up with the hesitant, but duty-bound idea of the founders that governing under a constitutional republic would never find personal interests at odds with the constituency’s interests.

Bring on the reluctant legislator, a citizen more interested in truly serving the folks back home, knowing full well that once they completed their tours, they too would be back to living among ‘the people’ that hired them to begin with. Amazing what that perspective might do for us to recapture the republic.

We’re at the crossroads and before us lies two paths. One leads to tyranny and ultimately slavery, the other brings us back to the American dream that in this place, at this time, one is only limited by his or her own imagination, ambition and perspiration.

Chose wisely America, there are no U-turns once the path is chosen. We’re condemned to walk it to the end.

-Carry ON

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