Or Something like that… Says Ear Leader to our slime bucket of an Attorney General…

Obama orders DOJ review over search warrant AG likely approved

The review ordered by President Obama into the Justice Department’s policies on pursuing reporters’ records could have Attorney General Eric Holder effectively reviewing his own actions.

Under Justice Department guidelines, the attorney general would most likely have had to sign off on the controversial search warrant that allowed federal authorities to seize the private emails of a Fox News reporter.

What could possibly go wrong?! What was that gramps used to say about Fox – Hen house….something….Hey where”s all the CHICKENS!??! Damn it!

This, and another case involving the Associated Press, prompted Obama on Thursday to announce that Holder had agreed to conduct a review of DOJ policies on investigations that involve reporters.

Which of course probably amounts to something along the lines of a sternly worded note ….
“Hey – Eric- look man – there’s a bunch of reporters  throwing a fit here – take a look at what their complaining about, will ya buddy? Thanks- Barry.”



“I’ve raised these issues with the attorney general, who shares my concern,” Obama said, adding that Holder would report back by July 12.

Barry Sez – Whew! Glad THAT problems resolved…Where’s my caddy ? Mooocheelllle have you seen my 9 Iron?

But part of the review could involve checking up on his own decisions. Department guidelines say: “The Attorney General’s authorization is normally required before the issuance of any subpoena to a member of the news media or for the telephone toll records of a member of the news media.” 

Eric sez : ” I’ve conducted a review of myself – and I’ve reached the conclusion that – I’m fucking awesome!! Kneel you dirty peasant! Kneel and kiss the royal hand of Justice!

In this case, Holder had no apparent reason to recuse himself and likely would have been the one to sign off on a search warrant that allowed authorities to seize the personal emails of reporter James Rosen.

Eric Sez: “Yeah I did it peon I’m gonna keep doing it too…- whachagonnadoaboutit !?! I’m the da AG …you can’t touch this!

Attorney Jesselyn Radack, who works with the Government Accountability Project and has represented accused leakers, told FoxNews.com she’s not convinced by the administration’s latest effort. “I don’t think there needs to be a review of the internal guidelines. … There needs to be a review of why they weren’t followed,” she said, adding Holder appears to have a “conflict of interest” in the review.

You don’t say! What clued you in? The whole fox in the hen house idea of a AG doing an internal investigation of – himself? Ain’t you just a bright one!
I agree there doesn’t need to be a review of internal guidelines – nope, what there needs to be is a sudden building frenzy in D.C. – Of Gallows – Lots and lots of them.
After all,  It’s going to be damned hard to find enough space on just one or two gallows to hang every stinking, rotten to core, lawyer in the place. And we in the Empire do so abhor long waits.

It’s unclear what specific language Holder agreed to.

 It’s unclear what language The Black Grand Kleagle of the KKK speaks  – let alone agreed to, but never mind – What in the name of all the gods is that damn noise I keep hearing  …..could it be the sound of 1000 Horsepower industrial shredders all going full tilt boogie over at DOJ ?
In the original 2010 affidavit seeking the warrant, Rosen was accused of being a criminal “co-conspirator” as part of a leak case. The Justice Department cited the World War I-era Espionage Act in making the claim, using it to justify the seizure of his personal files.
Eric Sez: I’ll get you my pretty! And your little dog Toto too! If I have to go back 1000 years to find a arcane relic of a forgotten law – you’ll pay – oh yes you’ll pay for your resistance to becoming a true-believer in the anointed ones hopey changeitude!! Heretic!

Though Rosen was never charged, media and civil liberties groups decried the move as “chilling.”

Never charged. Geee…could it be Because you violated the law Eric? ….Maybe it’s because that anything you possibly could have tried to charge Rosen with – would have been tossed out of court so fast it would have broken the sound barrier going out the doors…. Damned hard to throw a rock when you’re sitting in a glass house now ain’t it Eric ol Chap?

Chilling! God forbid all the ‘intellectual chattering class” Obama bitch boys call it  for what it is – TREASON. But hey that would be ‘unhelpful” and “uncivil” now wouldn’t it ?

Obama voiced concern about the cases for the first time Thursday, during a wide-ranging speech on counterterrorism policy. He said he was “troubled” by the developments and that journalists should not be “at legal risk” for doing their jobs.

“Troubled”  Uh huh I bet you are troubled, not because there’s corruption on a scale that would make Nixon blush like a virgin on prom night  in your administration now is it…more likely  it’s because the flames of truth generally get a bit warm when their cooking your ass now don’t they Barry ? So do the flames of hell Barry….I don’t know that for a fact but I’ve been told – jus’ sayin’ is all.

“As Commander-in Chief, I believe we must keep information secret that protects our operations and our people in the field.

U.S Ambassador to Libya,  Chris Stevens was unavailable for comment – he’s dead. So are three other Americans who had the damnable bad luck to be in the ‘field” while you were busily hob nobbing with a couple of  no talent ‘rap artists’ in Vegas , but hey who’s counting  – FORWARD!!

“But a free press is also essential for our democracy.

CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC….. for the millionth damn time – we do NOT live in a fucking democracy –  you of the “Constitutional scholar” Mr. 57 states fame….

That’s who we are, and I’m troubled by the possibility that leak investigations may chill the investigative journalism that holds government accountable.
What’s this we shit Jug -Ears? Got a mouse in your pocket?  Newsflash ! There is NO we – there’s you and your communist fuck stick  cronies – and there’s the rest of us.I suggest you keep that in mind – because you’re woefully out numbered dick breath.
Bwhahahahaha – Damn it- I have to give it to him that – I watched his speech and he said that line without ducking in utter pants pissing fear of a thunderbolt from the heavens striking him dead on the spot – the goofy bastard’s either got balls the size of a bull or – he’s just too damn stupid to know any better.
Gallows people….Gallows.
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