We all face our own mortality. Each of us knows that one day we will be called home, whether we acknowledge this fact in quiet moments of introspection, or whether the inevitability of it slaps us in the face, we know deep down that we will one day “shuffle of this mortal coil”.

As you all know Caveman and his dear departed wife Mary went through a long battle with cancer, one which Mary eventually lost. Through it Kent was a paragon of strength, an inspiration to those of us with whom he shared the story. His love for his wife was unshakeable, the depths of his moral, emotional and physical strength were limitless, and he restored mine and many others faith in humanity and hope for the human condition. He never cursed God, rather he turned to Him for comfort and solace. Although a recovering alcoholic he never allowed the horrors of watching his wife suffer and die serve as an excuse to drown his demons. He knew all too well that they can swim better than he could drink. And he always thanked us, his friends here on this site, for the support we gave him. It was we who needed to thank him; he reminded us all what a real man, a real husband, a real Christian, was.


well now God has decide that Kent’s troubles are not over. Like Job in the Old Testament, Kent must again face the terror of cancer, this time his own. He has been diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. He was recently admitted to the hospital after a fall, and as sometimes happen things didn’t look right. Then the test results came back.

Kent has seen where this will lead and has decided accordingly. He will not fight it. He will wait to go Home and be with his wife. In his own words;

Personally, knowing what I know, I think I will be following Mary home soon.  But I will not live waiting to die, don’t treat me that way, please.

I for one won’t Kent. I will celebrate that I was honored to have known a man such as you. And I will pray that you will face the last of your many challenges in life with the same courage and fortitude that you faced down all the rest.

“When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.” – Tecumseh

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By LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E.

Former USMC infantryman, proud father of a current USMC infantryman and two Princesses who know what that means. Currently an NRA law enforcement firearms instructor, radar instructor, CPR instructor, a few others but you get the point. Catholic, conservative, heterosexual, gun owner, anything I can do to piss off liberals.

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