LC and IB Bill Quick answers, to a question as to why the Ogabe Junta lies, stalls, obfuscates and breaks the law at will (in this case refusing to provide the documentation in the David “Entitled Prick” Gregory Is Apparently Above The Law™ case, but it applies equally to every single other one of the umpteen cases of Ogabe and his Commissars getting away with murder):

Why? Because they can.

They do what they want, and then they lie and stonewall if you have the temerity to question them.

We live in a tyranny. People need to understand that.

I know they’d like to avoid that conclusion, because once they arrive at it, they are then faced with the question of what to do about it.

And most of the answers are fairly repugnant. [Emphasis added — Emp.M.]


And that is why we are “treated” to endless exclamations of “surely not!”, “this must be the unintentional consequences of some mistakes somewhere”, “let’s not put on our tinfoil hats here” and “Obama is just a well-intentioned man who is in over his head” every time more evidence of perjury, lies, corruption, overreach, tyranny, Stasi methods and treason is added to the already enormous pile indicting the Ogabe Junta and their goons.

Certainly it’s not because all of those people saying such things are stupid, because a lot of them are most assuredly not stupid, nor is it because all of them are nefariously trying to cover for a tyrant, because a lot of them are demonstrably not on Comrade Ogabe’s side.

It’s because they already know the answer, and the answer scares them. As it should. It scares the everloving fuck out of His Imperial Majesty too.

Because once that elephant in the middle of our once free republic is acknowledged to exist, it becomes mandatory for any self-respecting patriot to do something about it, and nothing good lies down that road.

But travel that road we must. If not now, then later. If not on our own terms, then on theirs. If not on our feet, then shackled on our knees in cattle cars on the way to the camps.



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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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