OK, so that’s not entirely true, plenty of us have absolutely no trouble calling liberal fascist tyranny by its true name, it’s just that so very many, a lot of them allegedly on “our side”, can’t get enough of telling those of us who worry about government overreach, corruption and deliberate and targeted destruction of our Constitutional rights to just “shut up” and stop being “paranoid” and “unreasonable.”

And then His Imperial Majesty returns from a short vacation to learn that the past two weeks have been very interesting indeed. AG Heinrich Holder continues to lie about Benghazi, as does the rest of King Ogabe’s corrupt, unlawful misadministration, the IRS is selectively targeting conservative groups while handing out freebies to every left wing activist terrorist cell in the nation, they’re illegally appropriating confidential medical records of 10,000,000 Americans, the HHS’ Kathleen Sebelius is running a protection racket for donations to OgabeCare, the EPA is selectively, very selectively, waiving FOIA fees for leftist groups, and we could go on and on and on.

Oh, did we mention that the Ogabe Junta has also been grabbing phone records of the press without as much as an attempt at pretending to get a subpoena?

That may have been their biggest misstep yet. They need the presstitutes more than the presstitutes need them. Without the slavering lies, “nothing to see here” “journalism”, fawning over Ogabe’s shriveled etc., Ogabe would be in a hell of a lot more trouble today than he already is.

Don’t piss off your Praetorian Guard, Odumbass, just one Emperor to somebody who desperately wants to be one. It never ends well. On second thoughts: DO piss off your Praetorian Guard, please!

And with all of the above, which is still just the very tip of the iceberg of corruption, lawlessness and tyranny that is the Ogabe Junta, those of us who remain suspicious of Washington DC and their hordes of unelected bureaucrats are still told that we’re “paranoid” and that we need to take a chill pill?

Fuck you very much. It is you, traitors through your unwillingness to act, who need to wake the fuck up and smell the tyranny.

The rest of us are very much awake. Very much awake indeed.

Oh, and looking back to 2007-2008: WE FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!

Yeah, you’re welcome.

Don’t Tread On Me. Time’s UP!!!


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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