Browsing out amongst the inter-tubes I must say – GOP Members are positively giddy – because today is the long awaited “Bhengazigate” hearings.

“This is it!! They’re going to take Obama down once and for all!!11Eleventy!!”  Seems to be the consensus.

*YAWN* Oh- Yeah, um that’s nice, do wake me up when it’s over will ya’?

Maybe – Just maybe, I’ve gotten so overly cynical and jaded when it comes to all things D.C. that I’m not being fair here, but frankly, I think this whole debacle is just another tail wags the dog exercise in futility.

Do I think HildaBeast – Obama- Kerry and the Foggy Bottom crew are guilty of lying through their carefully capped teeth and then trying to coverup those lies – you betcha. If “Liar Liar Pants on fire”! were actually true – Hillary and the rest of them would need an entire city force of fire fighters to put them out – They are after all, Politicians.

Do I think they can be hurt by it?  Nope. For evidence I present one William Jefferson Clinton. Convicted of Lying under oath AKA Perjury, and he walked away from it without nary a scratch. The GOP controlled both Chambers. 12 Years later – he’s almost as politically powerful as he ever was, and as disgusting as it may be to some, one of the most admired people in America.

As I see it, It’s a just another tired episode with a never ending cast of clown shoes up there in D.C. Blustering and Posing – “Doing the Peoples business” they claim. You could almost write the script for this production and not even break a sweat.

The characters might be changed from episode to episode – but the story line, like any bad soap opera – just never changes.

One side is going to level the most damning of charges against the other – witness will cry – drop “bombshell” testimony, and the other side will deny it ever happened.  The talking heads will explode on the airwaves tsk-tsking and lecturing us all about civility and decorum and 30 minutes later, after all the cameras are switched off and the mics get turned down –  the slimy bastards are all together on a yacht negotiating just how far they think they can get away with trashing the bill of rights this week – over a nice bottle of Chardonnay of course. That’s politics in America.

Seriously, we couldn’t get the most unconstitutional power grab in recorded history overturned by the SCOTUS – ObamaCare.  Does anyone actually believe they can Impeach the Chicago Machine called Obama? Really if anyone thinks the Political Class in D.C. is about to start eating their own? I’ve got some beach front property up for sale – in North Dakota.

On some forums there’s breathless talk of Impeachment of Herr Obama. Yeaaaaaaah Riiiiight. Reality check – Harry Reid controls the Senate folks – I’ll gladly eat a big ol helping of tasty crow and ask for seconds to see him actually not laugh in America’s face and then turn right around and promptly round-file any articles put forth in the House. Sorry, It’s not going to happen. Ever.

Hell, we’d probably be lucky to get an article of Impeachment out of the House, let alone get Dingy Harry to act in the Senate – because as we all know,  there’s a whole pack of squishy GOP members in the house, and well frankly, being a big meany and trying to Impeach a sitting U.S. President – well that’s just not helpful at all, don’t you know.

And just for the sake of Argument – Let’s say the R’s did actually find the spine to vote on articles of Impeachment – they’d be cooked. CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and all the rest would crucify them, B-B-Q them till crispy, and then for good measure, Keelhaul them  for added flavor as being the bigots they always claimed them to be – because don’t you see?!?! They just voted to Impeach the first Black President of the United States – proving of course just how RACCCCCIISSSSSST they really are.

So as I see it – This is nothing but a big dog and pony show put on by the GOP to placate the masses. They have to prove they are “doing something” – anything!!  After all those midterms are right around the corner. There’s going to be some minor fireworks, a few thunderous speeches, Issa will hammer his podium in fury and John the Maverick McVain will muse on next Sundays talk show circuit how “That’s not very helpful”  and in the end it’s all going to go away.

Sorry, Stalwart GOPers you’re are going to be crushed just like good old Charlie Brown, your giddiness turned to ashes. They’ll crawl off – lick their wounds and mumble sadly – “But Lucy snatched that football away again -DARN IT! We were SURE she would hold it for us this time!!”

That’s how D.C. Works – That’s how the Political Class operates, and that’s how this soap opera runs….enjoy the show.



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